10 layer HD discs in the works



I just posted the article 10 layer HD discs in the works.

Following the article posted earlier about possible triple HD-DVD discs by Verbatim comes this news found over at DailyTech.
Behind closed doors at CES, Ritek were able to say that they have…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12866-10-layer-HD-discs-in-the-works.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12866-10-layer-HD-discs-in-the-works.html)

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Why would the industry even consider so many layers? Right now it’s hard to find a consistent recording quality just on two layers (at least on consumer-level burners). If holographic disks do indeed ‘materialize’ with that 1 TB capacity and can be developed with far less trouble than the multiple layer approach, that would be the clear way to go.


hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha…RITEK cant even make decent 2 layer dvds and the want to make 3, 4 and TEN layer HD disks!!! That sh*t just made my day :S


^ single layer dvds too


Haha, I certainly won’t ever be buying any media made by ritek for quite some time. They are going to have to make huge efforts to redeem themselves after the absolute disaster they created called the RitekG05. :r


Cd Pirate - Tell me about it! The G03’s were good and the G04’s first batch were okay, but after that they were crap. I use TY now as they are alot cheaper lately and first class for quality.