10 episodes that is 200mb each in vcd's to 1 dvd-r using WINAVI how?

i have like 50 episode thats avi and about 200mb each episode in vcd’s and i would like to put like 10 episode in 1 dvd-r, how would i do this using WINAVI?? like how do i convert the 50 episodes out of the vcd to my comp so i can burn them on a dvd-r. and i tried using WINAVI convertinG avi to dvd with a 200mb file i had in my comp but the size came out to like 1.5gb. is there a way to lower this so i can put 10 episodes?? is it even possible to do what im saying??? can anyone help me out with this if its possible? thank you

there are guides in the video forum on how to convert various formats.