10 Best Value Blu-ray players

I just posted the article 10 Best Value Blu-ray players.

At Electronic House they’ve made a slideshow with ten Blu-ray players you should or could buy. As many know we can expect some price drops during the upcoming holiday season, so this might be the…

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"Which of the following is on your wish list?"
Well, it can’t say Sony on the front… or Blu-ray. Hmmm… I guess that doesn’t leave me with a lot of options. I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.

Come on Duke, it’s time to get over your bias and move on. Don’t you like high-definition video?

Your comments may have been amusing a year or two ago, but now you just sound bitter (and, dare I say, old like the old guy who refuses to use “them new-fangled ATM machines.”) I love high-def video and I don’t care how it’s branded, I’m just glad it’s still on a 120cm optical disc.

@ discman009

Yes, you’re right. I am bitter. And yes, I love HD video and can’t wait to start my new HD library. It just bugs me that every second story on this site is for Blu-ray, no matter how insignificant the news item. How can I get excited about old, slow, profile 1.1 players? The Blu-ray format isn’t even finalized yet. You people are sheep if you think this junk is a good deal.

Anyway, gotta run to the ATM to get some cash. Play nice with each other while I’m gone.


You’re still amusing, lol.
You’re one of the reasons why I come back to this site (entertainment).

@ SciFer

Thanks. I really appreciate that. I’m a shut-in, so entertaining people at Blu-rayFreaks.com is all I have. Well, that and keeping company with my cat, Wilbur. Wilbur doesn’t do or say much, on account I had him stuffed in the late 90s, but he’s still my friend. I hope to one day walk again and get back to what really means most to me… fighting crime and supporting the community. By fighting crime, I mean bad-mouthing Sony. And by supporting the community, I mean paying strippers for lap dances.

HD video is a bit better than SD video so one would think the price of a Blu-ray player would be a bit higher than that of a DVD player, not 5-10 times higher.
Sonyone’s having a laugh.
When a player that supports a horizontal resolution of 8000 pixels becomes available THEN I would consider 3 times the price of a DVD player a bargain.

@warped, HD video is a bit better? Whoa, your eyes can see bit better but the realilty is like 6x better.

DVD resolution is 720x480 = 345K. Blu-ray = 1920x1080=2.073K. So it’s about 6x higher. Thus price is 6x more lol. Ok seriously, I’d like to see player below $200 as well especially in this failing economy.

Not being one that needs the latest & greatest, I find waiting to see what the industry is going to settle on before doling out any hard earned cash.