10 11 w2 error in Clone DVD



I am receiving a 10 11 w2 error when tring to burn movies or data.

I have a Samsung and a ASUS 16x Burner that are both USB 2.0

I won’t post the log as it is the same log that has been posted before.

I have played around with different burning media and software.

  1. I have found that it doesn’t matter what media you use
  2. Doesn’t matter what software
  3. Will never fail if I plug into a 1.1 port but as soon as I plug into a 2.0 port it will fail no matter the machine I am on.
  4. 1.1 takes forever and a day :frowning:
  5. 2.0 will work 75% of the time if you set the burn to 2.4x

I dug deeper and found that in all cases it fails when the buffer reaches 100% (not the already read buffer). On every single instance of my testing I found that as long as the buffer stays below 100% it will write successfully.

My question is, Is there a way to maunally increase the the write buffer. In nero you can go to the advanced settings but it has a max buffer already set. I am looking for a way to better prove my theory on why people are getting this error and similar ones like it.




Just out of curiousity, is your operating system XP or Windows 2000?


Could be that blasted USB 2.0. I don’t have any problem with W2K SP1 or WXP SP1. Running AnyDVD, CloneDVD, and Nero Recode.


It is Windows XP SP2 on all 5 of my machines (some of them are at work). 2 of which only have USB 1.1.

To clarify - it is the device buffur that will cause this to crap out. It happens in Clone, Nero, DVDDecrypter, Shrink, etc.

It doesn’t matter how you try to burn it rather if the Device Buffer hits 100%.

USB 1.1 in my test will never even get close to the 100% in DVDDecrypter and will get to about 90% directly in nero and CloneDVD2. As soon as you try 2.0 it will crap out at the point it hits 100% for more than 5 secs. Seems that the Buffer is being overrun at that time.

Does anyone know of a hack to increase the device buffer or to force a 2.0 port to only give 1.1 performance?




Thanks for advising about you not having problems with Win2k, there goes that theory out the window. Utshawns problem may stem from the USB 2, heard a lot of problems they (USB 1.0 and 2.0) cause with Windows Operating Systems. I myself have an eternal hard drive on a USB 2.0 post and not a bit of trouble, nor with my printer also on USB 2.0., but each system is different and reacts differently. I’m just rying to find a common link with this 10 11 w2 error that 4 posters are now experiencing, wish Ollie would jump in and give his thoughts.


Add the drive to the secondary IDE channel and retest. You can also reduce the burn speed to 2.4X or 4X. This should keep the buffer full.


What version of CloneDVD 2 are you using? What’s your burst rate using Nero CD/DVD Speed Test .v 3.61?


Add the drive to the secondary IDE channel and retest

Sorry for having a brainfart, but How do you add the drive to the secondary IDE channel ?


Sorry for being unclear. Move the drive to the secondary IDE cable and retest. Are you using a notebook?


Yes. I am using a notebook and 3 desktops all with XP SP2 and connect an External USB 2.0 16x burner to it. I actually have 2 USB 2.0 burners (different manufacturer) and both experience the problem.

I know that it is nothing to do specifically with Clone DVD 2 (latest), DVD Dcrypter, Shrink, and straing from Nero all error out at some point. It is just that CloneDVD 2 give the best error condition (the others just say failed or something real generic in the logs where as Clone gives a specific error).

Let me state again that this will not happen if I plug the burner into a 1.1 USB connection. It only happens when it is plugged into USB 2.0 and remember that this is 2 different burners experiencing the same behavior.

Also for an update: I decided to buy a USB 2.0 card for one of my computer that work fine. I installed the card and verified the machine recognized it as being 2.0. I then proceeded to connect one of my burners to the new USB card and test. As I suspected, it failed.

It is failing when the Device Buffer reaches 100% and stays at 100% for about 5 secs. I am no expert but if I had to assume then it seems like the Device Buffer is being overrun causing the error.

Now, If we could just find a way to increase the devce buffer or figure out what is going on with USB 2.0. I am wondering how many of the people that have posted with this error are using an external USB 2.0 vs an Internal?


I have attached a screen of what I am talking about just in case. Even though Clone DVD 2 is the best, this screen is taken from Decryter b/c it shows what I am talking about the best. This screen is when burning while connected at 1.1 and th burn came out fine. If I connect at 2.0 the Device Buffer in the screen would be at 100% right before failure.