$10,000 reward if you can crack the code

I just posted the article $10,000 reward if you can crack the code.

Source: BetaNews

The Secure Digital Music Initiative has issued a public challenge to those that are interested. What is the challenge? To attack new technology and break them in an effort…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/805-10000-reward-if-you-can-crack-the-code.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/805-10000-reward-if-you-can-crack-the-code.html)

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F***, too late with submitting (DAMN)

We’ve already cracked it!!!

We cracked it within 96 hours with 8000Ghz of pure processing power!!!

Ha Ha … what a lame bunch of idiots… why bother ? there is ALWAYS a way to reverse engineer a digital stream… Why don`t they call it … “Crack it & we bust you” ?
If all else fails there is always a brute attack, and if enough people want it they will all run it!

… That’s 10 grand down the drain…

strong words from small guys???ehhh.

I will tell what these guys want. They want to make a protection system that will be used commercially (a copy protection system for example). If anybody manages to crack it he will have to say how he did it. They will then cover the “holes” and they will make it better and thus harder to crack… I say: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CRACK IT and thus do beta testing for these f@ckers. Let it get out and then crash these fools…