1-X3 without binflash



where can i find the nd4551 1-x3 firmware that hasn’t already been bundled with binflash for use with other flashers?

and is this still the most recent modified firmware with speedups and bitsetting? it seems that its already more than a year old…


Yes, 1.X3 is quite old. Developement of modified firmware for the 355x455x drives were halted and i have no plans to start making modified firmwares for those drives.


thats unfortunate… what happened to the development?

in that case am i better off with the latest original firmware, or what is the next best firmware you recommend?


uhhhh… does anyone know what the latest firmware is and where i can get it? i checked on NEC.com, they dont seem to have 4551 firmware, only 4550…


The link already posted 2 posts prior your 2 posts:


You should omit the /de in your link. Not everyone is able to read German :disagree:
http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/NEC-ND-4550A/ will automatically forward you to the most appropriate language :wink:


I don’t see which one is the latest modified firmware for 4551A. I wish to have the latest by Liggy/Dee and generally the latest. There’s one more thing : my 4551 is crossflashed from 4550, so I need the firmware that will work with my drive. I’m currently using 1-Z2


that site is kind of confusing if you’re looking for the latest… i wish you could sort it by date, but you have to click and see which have the newest strategy revisions. by the looks of it even the newest official fw is almost a year old…


Nope, all you need to do is to click on the write straegy link…


The site currently lists the most recently added firmwares first. These do not necessarily have to be the newest firmwares. But as chef already mentioned, you can find a detailled overview on the strategy link. This should help you to find the firmware you need.


OK, but wich one’s the latest?


It clearly shows revisions and dates for any firmware listed.