1.UA modified firmware



Recently purchased an NEC 3520A cd/dvd writer. First thing I did was upgrade the 1.04 firmware to 3.04. I noticed from another post by member dvdr2 there is a 1.UA modified firmware that allows you to double media rated write speeds. Where can I get the 1.UA modified firmware download? Will it remove the NEC 3.04 firmware and replace it with the 1.UA modified firmware at the same time or does it just become an addition to the NEC 3.04 firmware? Appreciate a reply. Thanks. (I am a new cdfreaks member)


You can find info on nec firmware, instructions on how to flash it and lots of other info on nec drives here.
By the way, overspeeding media cannot be done with just any media. While some moddified firmeares will allow it, only high quality media tends to overspeed well and get good burns. I would sugest looking into error scanning with cdspeed (which your drive can do) if you plan on overspeeding media.