1 to 1 BD Backup

I have an LG BluRay
reader BH16NS40 and
burner UH12NS30
Win7 32 bit

I am trying Blue-Cloner 4 and DVDpaskey 8 to make a 1-1 back up of a BD disc [documentary ] the original BD is 21 GB, I have 25 GB media, I choose Full or complete copy, after it completes, it only transfers 11 GB to blank media, so about 3 chapters or not there. What is there, is ‘very’ good quality. Any hints as to what I am doing wrong ? I put original in reader and blank in burner and start program, so it can perform the task without me being there babysitting it.

What I can do, is backup a BD disc, [ any size ] to DVD using an additional on board DVD burner, using VSO BluRay to DVD, and the quality is pretty good.

Looking at the DVDFab tutorial for Passkey when working with Blu-ray, it seems you don’t need anything but Passkey to make a 1:1 backup of this particular disc. http://www.dvdfab.cn/tutorial/Passkey-for-Blu-ray

The original Blu-ray is 21gb, so rip to an Image file on your hard drive. This will be an ISO file with an exact copy of the disc. Then burn this ISO file to your blank Blu-ray disc using ImgBurn.

well, that is cool, thanks K56 for the tip, I did the image to hard drive, “then” wrote to BD disc, got like for like 21gb data on blank media, and am playing it now on stand alone BD player, looks ‘great’ !!!
There is a glitch with watching BD back-up on pc BD reader / player, all ‘skippy’, but it is perfect* on table top BD player.

I made a back-up of my BD disc Capt. Phillips before I had BD media, so I converted it to DVD, and considering how much it was compressed, it looks pretty good, the only thing that was not there , was the captions on screen when the bad guys were talking, maybe an image burn to hd, then to DVD would fix that,???

I have the BD set of HBO’s Pacific, I watch it every couple days, so I will back that up soon, the first disc is 37gb, [ or close to that ], I like ‘all’ the add-ons , Blune Cloner 4 would not shrink that to a 25gb BD disc, [ for some reason ? ] maybe, doing the image burn first, will let that happen as well, ??? I just got some 50GB BD media, so I can go either way, will my eyeball see a difference between an original 30 plus BD display shrunk to 25gb, vs a full 30 plus BD placed on the spacious 50gb media ??

Thanks again for the help,
sorry if this question is wandering from LG hardware chatter,

p.s. I did get the IMG-Burn program, but I tried Blue Cloner again copying files from hd, and it seems fine, so IMG is in the bullpen, just in case.

You should try BD Rebuilder to make full copies of your Blu-ray movies. It is free to use and produces very high quality when going to the size necessary to fit onto single layer Blu-ray. It can also convert to DVD-video or mp4 or mkv files.

There is a link to a tutorial I wrote on the program in my signature.

You’ll need to decrypt and rip the entire movie to the hard drive first, before using BD Rebuilder. Rip as files, not an ISO, unless you want to mount the ISO in a virtual drive.

And I very much recommend using ImgBurn as your burning program. May take a bit of learning curve, but it is easily the best optical disc burning program available.

I can move this thread into the Movie Copy subforum, or the Video Editing subforum if you wish. It really fits those subjects better.

Thank you, yes if you wish to re-locate this chat, so maybe it will help others, that is fine since it is not a hardware / LG issue, I just started there, thank you very much, will keep studying all the options you suggested,