1 Terrabyte on one disk



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Source: http://www.c-3d.net/pressroom_frameset.html

Constellation 3D makes a new CD - the FMD (Fluorescent Multilayer Disc ) Video Disk which will eventually hold up to 1000GB…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1028-1-Terrabyte-on-one-disk____.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1028-1-Terrabyte-on-one-disk____.html)

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when will a writer for this come out?


…Ehm…Domin8tor? I don’t want to blame you, but the correct writing for 1000Giga is 1Tera, not “Terra”.


Finally !!!
I’ve read about the FMD-rom for nearly a year now, and I’ve been waiting for it ever since !
From what I’ve read, the read speed is also amazing !

For me, this is a revolution in the computer industry !


If u can burn these cd’s on you’re own little burner how long wil it take to write “just” 25 gb of data…(or the full capacity of the cd


  1. The first writable disk is cslled WORM = Write Once Read Many. I hope you can write in multisesions - otherwise it’s only good for coping long films. No talk yet about a rewritable disk
    2)The data transfer rate will reach 1GB/sec !


So what’s next? Twilight-FMD & Crazy Bytes FMD??? :open_mouth:


Nice ! TERABYTE filled with warez!! GODLIKE!!


Products and Specifications:

I. FMD High Definition VCR (Applications: HDTV Digital Cinema)

     Media Specifications: 
     Capacity - 32GB/Side 
     Layers - 10/Side 
     Speed Reading - 20mB/Sec 
     Speed Recording - 10Mbit/Sec 

II. FMD Micro R/W (Applications: Laptop Hand-Held, Palm Top

     Media Specifications: 
     Disc Diameter- 45mm 
     Capacity - 5GB/Side 
     Layers - 10/Side 
     Speed Recording - 3MB/Sec 
     Speed Reading - 10MB/Sec 

III. FMD WORM CA (Applications: Corporate Archive)

     Media Specifications: 
     Disc Diameter - 300mm 
     Number Discs on a Spindle - Up to 5 
     Disc Capacity - 200 GB/Side 
     Layers - 10/Side 
     Speed Recording - Up to 30 MB/Sec 
     Speed Reading - Up to 40MB/Sec 

About FMD Technology. The introduction of FMD smashes the barriers of existing data storage formats. Depending on the application and the market requirements, the first generation of 120mm (CD Sized) FMD ROM discs will hold 25 - 140 Gigabytes of pre-recorded data on 10 - 30 data. In comparison, a standard DVD disc holds just 4.7 Gigabytes. With C3D’s proprietary parallel reading and writing technology, data transfer speeds can exceed 1 gigabit per second, again depending on the application and market need.


does it really matter how long it would take ? (as long as i don’t have to write it all at once)
wouldn’t matter to me…


I agree that write speed it not an absolute necesity, provided that you can burn multiple sessions however i am concerned that blank media prices for such a burner would be too high.


Current production costs for media are 76 cents per disc. They expect retail prices to be aroud 1-2 dollars to start out.


constellation 3d inc. what happended to you will you be back?