1 Terabyte CDs?

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Constellation3D are producing a revolutionary storage technology for your computer. Using fluorescent technology, they can make dual…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/764-1-Terabyte-CDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/764-1-Terabyte-CDs.html)

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Man, that will take a long as* time to burn one of those. and i thought that my 4x cd burner took to long. but think of all the back ups you can fit on there. think of how long it would take for TL to get that cd our

GREAT it’s going on and on… but it’s true… that fucking take long to burn and TL man they are make cd’s with all te games appz movies there are out now!!!

Greetingz Woutiir
(maybe you remember me from the godabuzz forum )

Haven’t they been saying this since '98 !, and the writable discs will take even longer to get to a reasonable price, same way dvd hasn’t got that far yet for induvidual burns. This is never going to hit market place by next summer, I 'll bet anything on it

ehmm Woutiir … nope we dont remember you … should we ? is it important to you?

1terrabyte media. cool. and maybe there will also be christmas every month soon!! oh comon you guys. get real !

Yes, bigger sized cd’z , hope that they will be used wisely , and that we make profit of it.

And perhaps in the beginning fase of the device, the recording speed may be slow, but technology advances every minute, every day, so it won’t take long before there is a good system for make these backups quicker. But who knows!

Future will tell … and bring us the right answers.

In the mean time i enjoy the fact that nvidia sued 3dfx

Hehe, in dutch ff : dit is wat men noemt een koekje van eigen deeg

That would mean TL have to fill a terabyte. So every 10 months a release. Look how long it took for a dvd.

Cool, all developed software available on 1 disk…or someting like that…hehehehe

Wonder which soft or recorder will be able to write on it

This is really old news

I don’t give a shit about the storage - their fucking stocks (CFMD) are going down as hell and I’m losing money here !

1000 GB of porn, I like the sound of that

He RaSta
Your an optimist
How about one in a year

We’re getting better and better …

Hmmm… So when we wanted 2 copy a CD 2 our harddisks 1st we’d b pretty f**cked… What WOULD be good is if they incorporated this technology into hard drives.