1 Serial no and 1 (100% keygen) required



BurnDrive 1.005 & 1.006 (Working Keygen/Patch)
Advanced Password Recovery 3.52 (Serial)

As I said PM me, no posting of the s/n’s here, it goes against the rules, I hope I have made myself clear.

GreetZ from the UK

B.T.W tracking down a crack for the new releases of BurnDrive are near impossible, I have tried the patches but none work. They must have released modified versions which counteract the patches. Hope someone can release a patch/reg, which will defeat this protection. The problems lies with the fact that the serial no is tied to your computer name. i.e. Bloggs, the serial no will only work with this name. An Ideal solution would be a 100% working keygen that allows you to enter your computer name specified in the network properties, and this would produce the correct serial no for the name.(coded in a nice fancy GUI interface, not shitty dos, that noone uses anymore) See I have worked it out, and if I knew how to code this I would. There are keygens available too do this job(dos based, whats the point), but they produce the same message “Evaluation period over” Please register, after you restart the program.

Surely there must be someone who can defeat this simple but effective protection. The hackers were able to strip the dongle check protection out of a simple game called Robocop on the Amiga, many years ago. So whats the problem? Is it beyond your capabilities, or is it that you cannot be bothered. I Personally think you can’t crack/code a working keygen for it. Sorry guys yer work is getting sloppy.

No Offence. :mad:


BurnDrive sucks anyway…Use CloneCD instead


It seems a group by the name of LASH took up my challenge, and decided to produce a working patch for Burndrive1006beta :slight_smile: well done lads.

Found my crack for password recovery 4.52 in the early hours of this morning, quite by accident, the content on the this webpage is awesome. It has everything on it, and supports full resume. PM for the webpage, but only if you are not in anyway linked to FAST. I won’t promote piracy by placing the URL here, it is would be in violation of the CDFreaks rules. Whatever you find @ the link, you can download as long as you agree to use it on a trial basis of 24hrs before deleting it off your harddrive. I accept no liabilty for your actions thereafter.

You have been warned!!!

GreetZ from the UK :eek:


And I know JUST where to get it… :wink:


Hey divideZero hows things long time.


Oh well, things are just fine at the moment Uptown… I sized down my archive of CDRWarez, but all links are working now! It’s almost impossible to find hosts too store those big iSO’s on…

But hey, I’ve been around for 2 years now, and I’m not giving it up!

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