1 Problem, cant get either possible way to work

Problem: Need to back up cds for a road trip asap in a rental car and don’t want to sacricise originals to unknown player. Both means of possible making these are not working, including the old standby. Figuring one or the other out will get me on my way on time.

I have an old PII HP Vectra 333 512 mb ram Win98se with a sony cdrw drive and BsClip5 that has the last few years made great back up music cds - would play in anything. Would also back up my fiiles no problem. For no apparent reason it now gives atapi errors when it starts the simulate part of a recording. it reads “atapi error data transfer too slow aa030c00”. I have checked all the wiring, cooling fan, ram seated properly, drivers up to date, reinstalled aspi.dll and apix.vxd, disconnected usb hub, tried with DMA on and OFF, checked power supply. Anything else I might have missed?

I have a new (to me) laptop - toshiba satellite 75-S2292, p4 432, 1012 ram, WinXP Home, matshita UJ 820S cd/dvd rom. Bought Slysoft’s anydvd, clonedvd2, clonecd and it makes beaitiful back ups of our dvd movies. I can’t get it to make back ups of our music cds and I don’t want to take the originals on trips with a car cd player or portable. I have spent weeks of spare time reading and trying to understand how WINXP works - how the Windows Media might interfere, etc. I don’t have a software manual and this thing has a dumb troubleshooting function (multichoice and no search if it’s none of the above). I don’t know WinXP enough to do much more than basic stuff. Thought I was sailing smooth with clonedvd2 but the making a music cd is cutting the fun out of computing. Do I need to disable Windows Media? How do I do this - where can I find information? Or is it some other problem? I don’t even know yet how to find out if it’s in dma mode or what…

I have a selection of cds to get backups made of for a road trip over the weekend. Any help is greatly appreciated! I’ve read all the newbie stuff, and a lot of other papers and how to’s here - maybe it’s right in front of me and I don’t know WinXP well enough yet. If so please be kind cause I’m trying.


Try EAC - it’s free and works great-

Can get it at: www.exactaudiocopy.de/


The old Nero 5.5 works well with music CDs. You can also download Nero 6.x from the Nero website. The DVD burner should be able to create music CDs.

Also,wipe the W98’s hard drive and reload windows. W9.x will go bad with time due to poor registry management. Better yet, get a new $400 PC.

Thanks for replies. Turns out this Toshiba laptop has a burner program bundled in and was probably conflicting (Sonic something) Took awhle to find it. Used with no problems, cd’s play great and ready to hit the road :cool:

Thanks for the info on win98 - that old machine is limping for sure so will wipe out and reload (again LOL). Yeah, have a replacement in the works but it’s a custom build and still researching at what kind of drives, array, wireless, digital, software etc. to match what I do and what I’d like to do with it. Want to transfer vhs, 8 mm and beta to dvd as business so it’s got to be up to the task, along with heavy graphics work and video editing. Amazed I got this far on that old machine.