1 of 3 Folders on ISO Burn with NERO Inaccessible

I have a CD burning problem.
I’m using Nero 6 Ultra in W2K.
I’m making an ISO disc.
I want it to contain 3 folders each of which contains several MP3 files.

1st Burn
It went through successfully with all three folders accessible.
I didn’t select to allow long file names.
Nero truncated them.

2nd Burn
I selected in Nero to allow file names of more than 64 characters.
The first two folders burned successfully.
The third folder’s files returned error messages that the path was not valid or accessible.
I do have the folder open in filemanager as well as accessed in Nero.
I was sure to close Nero and reopen it to drag the folders over after I made any changes to the original folder.
However, I don’t think that is neccessary.
The burn did complete successfully.
The first two folders were accessible.
The third folder was corrupted or inaccessible.

3rd Burn (Actually a simulation, NOT a burn)
I noticed where nero truncated file names even with the longer than 64 charachter option checked and shortened the originals to that length or shorter.
The simulation ran successfully.
Note the first 2 coasters did burn “successfully” (complete) but with a corrupted 3rd folder.
I think the simulation just reported that it would finish a burn but that doesn’t mean the 3rd folder will be accessible.

4th & 5th Burns
I moved the folder from my desktop to my root directory.
I thought, perhaps, there were too many subdirectories for Nero to access the file.
It shouldn’t be too many since all 3 folders are contained in the same folder.
If it can find the first 2, it should find the 3rd.
I enabled long file names of more than 64 characters.
I don’t think I enabled use of directory structures more than 8 levels.
If it can find the first 2 folders in the same sub-folder, shouldn’t it be able to find the 3rd in the same folder???
It produced the same result.
The burn completed. The first 2 folders are accessible. The 3rd folder is not accessible.
I did NOT get the error messages in Nero that the file paths of files in the 3rd foldeer were inaccessible durring burning after I moved the originals folder to my root directory.
I also selected the option to allow more than 8 directory levels in file paths.

NOTE that the FIRST burn WITHOUT the longer than 64 character option selected had truncated filenames but DID allow access to all 3 folders on the burned disc.
Could I just be getting several BAD media in a row in the bottom 3rd of this CD spindle?
Is there some odd concoction of settings I have to find through trial and error?
I had a different file name issue long ago without sub-folders where I learned to limit filenames to 101 characters. Files with longer names would be excluded from the burn by Nero.

The 3rd folder is labled with 2 words separated by a <Space>.
I replaced the <Space> with an underscore but got no better results.
I noticed that Nero doesn’t like the ampersand character “&”.
It replaces it with an underscore “_” in Nero’s filemanager window.
However, on the burned disc, the “&” is displayed properly.

Note the properties of all discs accurately showed 514MB.

Note that I did not get ANY error messages on the last two burns but the third folder was still NOT accessible or corrupted.

The first burn without long filename support and with the original files stored on my desktop rather than the root directory AND WITHOUT more than 8 sublevel support for path names DID burn an accessible 3rd folder.

Try ImgBurn in build mode. Should work fine.

will it let me burn folders of files or just individual files?



In build mode it builds an ISO image with whatever files/folders you’ve added. You then switch to write mode & burn that image.

I have WinISO but have found that it truncates filenames far shorter than Nero.
Have you used imgburn with extremely long filenames?


No I haven’t but you’ve nothing to lose by trying it.

It’s just strange that the first burn without long filenames enabled worked.

I tried imgburn to make an ISO image.
It worked
It didn’t truncate long file names.
It had more check boxes to facilitate long file names.
It didn’t have a CD choice.
Everything was DVD. So, I selected custom.
It was set to ISO 9660+ Joliet + UDF by default.
I changed it to ISO9660+ Joliet.
Was that correct???

I haven’t burned an image yet but mounting the image with Daemon showed that everything is the way I want it.


I don’t know why but it created both a *.iso image and a *.mds file at once.

There’s a setting in the Build options for this. Mine’s set to Auto & I don’t usually get them but I only process DVD movies files.

There’s an “Auto” under Bulid/Settings/Write - Options.
I didn’t see any option for output type MDS.
There is an option to create or modify an MDS or ISO file.

I found the check box.

I tried to build an image today.
imgburn informed me that there wasn’t enough room on the disc.
I wasn’t writing to a disc. I was writing to an image. I was writing the same data to an image that imgburn did successfully the day before.
It’s 695MB.
Discs are 700MB.
Alcohol 120% claims it’s 695.9MB.
I wasn’t trying to burn a disc. I was creating an ISO file.

Since imgburn wouldn’t let me create the same ISO, I pulled the old one out of my recycle bin. I closed imgburn and opened WinISO to make an adjustment to the title of a file and it’s ID3 Tag in the ISO file I created yesterday with imgburn.
CloneCD wouldn’t burn the ISO image created by imgburn.
CCD wants a CCD controler file to make a burn.

I opened Alcohol 120% and was able to burn the image to disc.
However, since I used WinISO to alter the ISO image, the filenames are truncated.
I’ll try again to get imgburn to recreate the ISO file.
Hopefully it wont tell me there’s not enough room on the disc.


There doesn’t seem to be an EDIT feature here.
Ignore the part of my previous post about imgburn not making a new image. It did.
I included 4 instead of 3 folders and imgburn handled it fine.
imgburn saved the day.
It has many settings for DVD.
I’m using CD-R.
Apparently it knows that or the 2 setting I set to Custom allowed for it.

WinISO is a problem. It doesn’t seem to allow long filenames.
Using it to alter and resave the ISO file created by imgburn caused the filenames to be truncate. MP3 files ended-up with MP4, MP5, MP6 and so on file extensions.

I created a new ISO file with imgburn and all is well.
Please let me know if you know of an ISO editing/creating program that allows long filenames.

Thank you for all your help.

Hmmmmm, I just noticed that one Mp3 was truncated at 106 characters rather than 110 characters. I don’t know why. I haven’t counted out the others but I didn’t notice any truncation by just givinng them the once over.

The song does play and none of the songs that had their extensions changed to mp4, mp5, mp6 and so on were changed to such odd extensions when I used imgburn.

All the DVD settings you’re referring to are on ‘Media’ tab yeah?

There’s a reason there are no sizes for CD… they simply don’t apply!

Those options are used for when you’re making a DVD Video ISO so it still knows where to put the layer break etc depending on the media you eventually intend to use for burning.

The MDS file is created so that you can load it in DAEMON Tools and the virtual drive will appear as if it’s a DVDROM in the drive. If the Image isn’t over 1GB in size, DAEMON Tools will default to emulating a CDROM.
That’s of no consequence here so just delete the MDS.

BTW, the 110 character limit is for the FULL name. i.e. including the ‘.’ and the extension. I just tried it here and my file was correctly cut down to 110 chars.

That’s good to know.
I did burn a disc with Nero 6 Ultra sometime back that had 110 characters + “.” + extension.

On the Joliet filesystem, that would make 114 ‘wide’ characters (assuming a 3 character extension) - yeah?

So 114 * 2 = 228 bytes.

The basic fixed directory record descriptor length is 33 bytes.

33 + 228 = 261 byes.

The ‘length’ field of the descriptor is a single byte and so the max number it can hold is 255.

Clearly the maths proves 110 + ‘.’ + extension is not possible with the Joliet filesystem.

It is however possible with UDF so maybe you used that and just forgot / didn’t realise it.

I don’t recall.
I just checked Nero and didn’t see a UDF setting for burning CD-R ISO’s.
There is a check box for more than 255 haracters.
I tried various settings back then.
I counted off characters on many long filenames to be sure.
I made a dummy file name txt file of the 110 characters to compare in folders with numerous files.
Those files of 110 in name + dot + extension worked.
Those longer than 110 in filename didn’t even appear on the burned disc.

Every now and then I notice a strange inconsistency such as this.
Thanks for your help.

Do you know of an ISO program that wont truncate?