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Hi everybody - a few questions

Ive recently switched from EZCD 5 to Nero Express 5577 - dont flame me for being a former EZCD user :slight_smile:

Will Nero Express and DirectCD work fine together cuz ive never had problems with Direct CD and ive heard its better than InCD ?

I burned some a Audio CD from Waves with Nero Express and used the Normalize setting but 2 of the songs sounded crappy - tried again without normalizing…sounded good.
Have anyone else had problems with that in Express or regular Nero (they probabky use the same “normalizing filter” ?

Last Q.:
As you probably know EZCD is a persistent prog. so im worried that a normal uninstall wont get rid of everything - what do U suggest I do about that?

Let me answer the questions I know: DirectCD has been known to cause problems… a lot of problems I might add but no need to worry: the latest versions (v5.1 ?) do not have these problems anymore. It should not be a problem to use this program next to let’s say Nero Express. Just make sure you only use one packet writing software. InCD and DirectCD together is a big no no. Easy CD Creator can be difficult to delete but check this. Credits go completely to CDRInfo

  1. Unistall 100% Ez CD Creator from Win2k (note that the plain words comes from ROXIO :wink:

Most times the drivers of EasyCD and Nero can cause conflicts.

(This is typically caused by lower level system drivers associated with writing UDF. If everybody is following the rules as defined by Microsoft, this should not be the case).

Unistalling Ez CD Creator is one solution however the Ez CD Creator unistaller leaves behind several files which still causes problems to Nero (delete all following files, if present)

(In ECDC 4.xx releases there are separate installs for ECDC and DirectCD. If you uninstall ECDC in anything before ECDC 5.0, you will not uninstall DirectCD. This is a separate uninstall process which explains why you see the files listed below and still listed in the registry. This would be the case for any Roxio application that is still left installed (i.e Take Two or DirectCD) :

  • CDR4VSD.SYS (Used by ECDC and DirectCD in Windows NT4)
  • CDR4_2K.SYS (Used by ECDC and DirectCD in Windows W2K)
  • CDRALVSD.SYS (Used by ECDC and DirectCD in Windows NT4 (older versions)
  • CDRALW2k.SYS (Used by ECDC and DirectCD in Windows W2K)
  • CDRALWNT.SYS (Used by ECDC and DirectCD in Windows NT4)
  • CDRALVSD.SYS (duplicate)
  • CDUDFRW.SYS (This does not exist in NT4/W2K. There is only a CDUDFRW.VxD used by DirectCD in 9x)
  • CDUDF.SYS (Used by DirectCD in Windows NT4/W2K)
  • CDRPWD.SYS (Used by DirectCD in Windows NT4/W2K)

which rested in the directory C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS and the file CDR4VSD.DLL in the directory C:\WinNT\System32 and restart Windows.

Additional: When the Adaptec software is uninstalled the registry is not reverted to use the Windows “cdrom.sys”. You have to edit the registry to stop the Adaptec driver after uninstall. The critical keys that the software leaves behind after being uninstalled are in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SyStem\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-0 87002BE10318}

In this section you will find two keys called “UpperFilters” & “LowerFilters” and you will need to delete both of these keys and reboot to restore Win2K to the default CD driver. You should also search for other keys containing “cdralw2k” and “cdr4_2K” and delete these then delete these two files AFTER the reboot. Note you cannot delete the references to these in “ENUM” as they are generated from the class driver, but they will not be there after the reboot.

(This is the same issue as described above. It would be dangerous to delete the whole upper and lower filter keys if somebody else had their drivers installed in this location. In W2K it is not a good idea to only delete the upper and lower filter keys. You must also delete the Service registry entries and the drivers themselves. Again, this will be handled if ALL of the Roxio applications are uninstalled (i.e ECDC, DCD, and Take Two).

In addition there is an article in the MS knowledge base about this…Check it over here.

Mission complete!

  1. A PIII 600 notebook, adaptec 1480A cardbus scsi card, plextor 121032S in a external casing and of course w2k. Even when I put in the adaptec’s 4.60 aspi drivers, I was not able to write at all. After starting each write, proceeding to about 23%, nero and ezcreator just hangs. A coaster was created. I had more than 20 coasters before I found the solution. I had to add the following into the registry before I was able to burn properly, either with burnproof on or off.


  1. Drivers from Adaptec version 1.00b using Aic78xx.inf
  2. c:\winnt\system32\Regedt32.exe
  3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
  4. Edit, Add Key, DisableDisconnects, REG_DWORD, 0 (string)
  5. Edit, Add Key, DisableSynchronousTransfers, REG_SZ, 0xff
  6. Edit, Add Key, DisableTaggedQueuing, REG_SZ, 0xff
  7. Edit, Add Key, NumberOfRequests, REG_DWORD, 0 (string)

Yes it’s for W2k but you might be able to use it!

Alright - Thanks

I’ll stick with DirectCD 5.1 then and Nero Express.