1 music with 5.1 AC3 and put it on a cd?

I was wondering if it is possible make one music with 5.1 AC3 and put it on a cd to play on a normal dvdplayer?

How can it be done? Svcd?


I think Sony Acid has the ability to make 5.1 / AC3 CD but it is a extra purchase that is needed for the 5.1 plugin. (outside of the cost for Acid).

Head over to:


and take a peek around to see if there is anything that may be able to help you.


This one will copy music to OGG files you can play on pc in 5.1 but not on stand alone > http://www.castudio.org/dvdaudioextractor/index.htm

Thanks :wink:
I found a way to do this.
I’m finishing the music(it’s giving to me a lot of work 5.1 :eek: ) and in the end i’m going to make all the process.
If i suced i post a message and pass the info.

yes i would like to know what you use…been wanting to try that myself

Well, if you are waiting.
This is the info that i was talking.
Hope it work’s :bow:
Post your experiences

Playing with 5.1 audio sounds very interesting, and i have had a thought about it, but the problem is that i need to get my hands on a surround sound system, i have never had any experience with this field and am looking for advices and suggestions :stuck_out_tongue:

another thing i had in mind was about the containers, i know that AC3 and PCM can support mutiple channels (not sure up to how many though), but not sure about other codecs , if someone can give me information on those , that will be great

ty :stuck_out_tongue: