1 in 6 are shocked by mobile phone bills



1 in 6 are shocked by mobile phone bills.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2010/05/Xek2A1.jpg[/newsimage]It may come as no surprise that cell phone users are sometimes shocked by extra charges on their bills.

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More reason to go for prepay!


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2520917]More reason to go for prepay![/QUOTE]

Pre-paid is the ticket to freedom. I pay $100 (plus $13 tax) to Virgin Mobile and I’m set for 1 year.


I’m not sure how many average consumers even have a concept as to what 5GB of data is, or would think to check how much they’ve used so far. It does seem rather underhanded that providers give no warning whatsoever when someone is near their limit and it frustrates me when companies try to generate revenue in that manner. Something needs to change, and it is unfortunate that the feds have to step in and regulate something that a company should do anyway to provide their customers with good service.


oh, how did civilization ever endure without its cell phones?


My mom got us all a family plan that we’ve had for years so we could keep in touch while running around that she pays for. I saw a great deal on a HTC Hero droid phone with a really nice camera and touch screen for 29 bucks, plus a commitment to reup for 2 years and add a data plan.
Nobody who was discussing the deal could say how much extra all that would cost so I got most of the family together and we treked to Best buy to see what the deal was.
The phone was really nice and indeed 29 bucks, BUT by the time you redid things and added a data plan it would have cost 167 bucks a month to have 4 lines, she’s paying 100 now and I couldn’t afford to make up the difference so no phone for me or anyone else in our plan:sad:
Seems the phone companies are trying to act like the old days when they charged you a LOT for a phone, then locked you into a cheap plan, OR give you a phone for free but overcharge like crazy for a plan to actually use the damned thing, and lock you in for 2 years so they make a ton of money either way.


I bought a 'phone just to use to call my breakdown service in case of a car problem stranding me. It came with £1.00 call credit with Orange but some time later was switched off. When I queried this, Orange switched it back on, but the credit had magically reduced to 77p. It has now been switched off again although I have never made a call on it. Though I’ve lost £30.00 I count myself lucky I’ve never needed the emergency services.


thats why I went prepaid. if you do the math most mobile companies want 120 bucks a month for mobile and data service thats including taxes. 120 x 24 months is 2400 bucks if you go with a company like pageplus and dont care about a data plan you can pay 29.00 a month for 1200min text and 50 mb of data. 30x24 months only 720 bucks. I think I can do with out surfing the internet on my phone. Im on the computer a lot as it is. they also have an unlimited plan for 44 bucks. they are on the verizon network.


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2520940]Pre-paid is the ticket to freedom. I pay $100 (plus $13 tax) to Virgin Mobile and I’m set for 1 year.[/QUOTE] Around here it is not illegal to crack the simlock of a mobile phone. In fact, after 1 year the companies are legally obliged to give you the sim unlock code.

Of all the mobile phones i own, most of them have no sim lock, so it gives me utmost freedom of providers.

It’s horrible. I must have had about 4 mobile phones now and two of them are still working perfectly after all these years. I see no reason to upgrade, unless there’s some really really cool feature going on.


The people I know of who were worst affected are those who go abroad and don’t realise just how much the data charges are when they tether their handset with a laptop. For example, one of my colleagues at work got a €400 bill from Vodafone about two years ago after a business trip to Germany. Apparently, most providers charge between €5 and €10 per MB data roaming, even with their mobile broadband dongles! As far as I’m aware of, some networks now charge for just the first few megabytes per day, but even still, data roaming is insanely expensive compared to phone calls.

So far in over 10 years of using a mobile, I’ve always used pre-pay and generally always manage to keep my usage to roughly €10 a month, between phone calls, VoIP (as a mobile application) and data usage.


I started using two Magic Jacks about 1.5 years ago and it has allowed us to drop our Verizon land lines saving over $1,000 per year. It also allowed us to reduce our cell phone plan to 1/2 the minutes we had before. That saves us about $900 per year. For the yearly cost of $40 for two Magic Jacks we are saving almost $2,000 per year. Plus we can take a Magic Jack box on trips and since high speed internet connections are at most hotels and villas we use it a lot instead of a cell phone during vacations.

I think cell phones are going to be dirt cheap in the upcoming years and prepaid will ultimately dominate the market. I have not had a long term contract with AT&T for years and years. When I need a new phone I just pick up the Go Phone I want to use and install my SIMM into it. It works just like an unlocked phone and the price can’t be beat. I paid $9.99 for the Nokia phone I currently use. It came with a charger too. I can drop AT&T or change my plan at any time without penalty. I like having that option.