1 hour TV episode - what size of avi to watch on TV with good quality



I want to burn some AVI’s of 1 hour tv episodes to a data dvd disk.

I would be happy with just watching them on my computer, and with each 1 hour AVI at 500 to 700MB the picture is good [15" 1280x800 32 bit - nothing special in terms of monitor].

But, I wouldn’t mind the option of watching the episodes on TV via a divx/xvid compatible dvd player. I imagine that 700MB per episode would not give me good quality on a TV screen [27" i believe].

What size should I covert each 1 hour AVI to in to get good picture quality on a TV? Any suggestions appreciated.

[Use DVD Decrypter by Lightening UK! to rip and Auto GK to convert to AVI - don’t know if this is helpful or necessary information]


If you are using divx, there probably isn’t much point in going over 2000 kbps bitrate. Using a bitrate calculator, and using 1hr as the time, this gives you something on the order of a 900mb file.

You would probably be fine using a lower bitrate and 700mb sized files, but experiment a little and see if you can find any differences while watching.