1 gig?

I’m trying to make a backup DVD cause I’m reformatting my computer. I never tried to make a data disc with a DVD before. I’m using Nero and it is only letting me put 1 gig of data on the disc when it should be 4.7 gigs.

Why is it doing this? Is there another program I should use?


What about True Image? They offer a free trial.

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Depending on which version of Nero you have you should be able to do a full backup.
TrueImage Home 11 is the latest & the best.
But to get full access of the utils offered. You need to buy really.
But this works with all MS OS’es including Vista Ultimate 64 bit.
Paragon offer a trial period of their s/w. This is fully functioning, but lasks Vista compatability (for 64 bit at least).

In any event, double check your backup DVD(s) before reformatting (i.e. make sure you can copy all data back). If in doubt, it might be better to use a some CD’s and be safe. :slight_smile:

Thank you CCRomeo and zebadee. I’m going to try Paragon since I will need full function.

And yes Cressida, I will double and triple check them. Thank you for the reminder. I’v also uploaded the things I absolutly NEED (websites and saved game files) onto the internet just incase, but I can’t upload everything being that it’s about 4 gigs of data (music and pictures)

Thanks again guys, mucho appreiciated!

actually, come to think of it I might just try to upload everything to the server for my website. It may take a while, but it will be worth it.