1 gig usb drive, 15.99$ no rebate

This is about the cheapest I have seen them. It is at micro center but seems to be good online too (got one instore today). I think the sale is only good for a couple more days (the print ad says till 9/2).
they are just cheap unmarked generic ones but they seem to work fine. I think the normal price is about 25$ or something like that. I was suprised that it benchmarked ok in a sandra removable media benchmark (compared to a 1 gig snadisk ultra 2 memory stick in a high speed reader).

Speeds were
512B read 560kB/sec (3x)
write 5kB/sec (0x)

32kB read 6383kB/sec (36x)
write 918kB/sec (5x)

256kB read 7706kB/sec (43x)
write 1980kB/sec (11x)

2MB read 7817kB/sec (44x)
write 2219kB/sec (12x)

64MB read 7646kB/sec (43x)
write 2185kB/sec (12x)

It was faster with small files but slower with big files compared to the memory stick. I’m not sure how that compares to other usb drives but it seemed to be in the same ball park as the default test results that sandra gives for other ones.