1 gig ddr2 667 50$



No idea if this is good memory but the price seemed right. Personally, I dont have any computers that use ddr2 so I haven’t kept up with prices but it seemed cheap and no rebates.


$69.99 now…which still a good price for that memory


Two gigs (2 x 1GB) for $99.99, plus $4.99 for shipping. SuperTalent DDR2 667 at NewEgg.


Look like none of these two are brand name memory, so you get to be careful when you buy unkown brand of memory on their reliability and performace.


There is a very long thread on the AnandTech forums about this memory (Super Talent). Seems like it overclocks quite well for most people.

Or, if you really want name brand, how about Kingston?

2 x 1 gig for $109.90 with free shipping at the egg:


I wasn’t really sure if it was a good deal or not. I haven’t kept up with ddr2 prices as all my machines still run ddr1. It seemed cheap compared to some of what I have seen in the past, so I figured I would post, but it would seem ddr2 prices are coming down (for the slower stuff anyway).


I bought this set of 2x512 from the egg last week and its overclocking fine. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820161067 I have my 3600+ brisbane running at 2.8ghz so far and hoping to get a bit more out of it and the memory hasn’t held me back yet. Anybody looking for a cheap X2 chip the 3600+ is it and I only paid $65.00 for the last one I ordered from the egg.


I got Wintec AMPX 800 to go along with the 3600+ and Biostar TForce 550. Great combo running at 2.91 and the memory is running along well at 833 speeds with 5 timings.


You get what you pay specially in case of buying memorywhich is the most important component of your computer system.


On the other hand, there a some “newish” players to the memory game that make pretty damn good memory: Wintec, Patriot, Super Talent, etc. Hell, a few years back I picked up some Centon memory cheap from Micro Center that ended up being Samsung memory chips.


I agree and you right there are some new comers or will some that will shine as we hear about them from consumers and users that may be use these new brands of memory…


Newegg is selling 1GB kits of Corsair XMS2 675 for about $65 delivered. I thought they were clearing out old stock of early performance DDR2, but the kit I recieved today was new enough to be RoHS-complient. These performance DIMMs are rated for 675 MHz @ 1.9 volts with 4-4-4-12 timings, but easily OC to 800 MHz at 1.9v - 2.0v! Corsair indicates on their forums that these sticks are rated to handle up to 2.1v – which is the same voltage their XMS2 800 MHz are advertised at. To me it means they probably use the same chips for the 675’s and most will probably work fine at 800.

If you want a great deal on 2 Gigs of Cas 4 DDR2-800 memory (4x512mB) for $130, and have a modern Intel chipset mobo which can handle 4 sticks of memory without the 2T command rate penalty AMD systems pay in that configuration, look no further…


That is very good deal and good price for top brand name memory.