1 film 1 language and nothing else bloating HD goodness - how is it done?

Hi guys

I’ve got a collection of Blu-ray discs and want to add them to my media centre which I am in the process of setting up.

I’ve got a couple of 1TB hard drives and I want to be able to play the films from the hard drive, selecting whichever film I want and it just plays.

I am able to copy them from the discs to the har drives and play them with menus etc. intact using Anydvd and PowerDVD, but I just want the film and an English audio track with no extras taking up more hard drive space than is necessary.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how it’s done?

A walkthrough, tutorial, software recommendations, or helpful links would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :smiley:

Rip to the hard drive using AnyDVD HD, which you already know how to do.

Download TSmuxeR and start it up. Open the BDMV folder in your ripped files from the blu ray movie, then open the Stream folder. You should see a list of m2ts files. Open the first one, it should be called 00001.m2ts. If the movie is entirely contained in the first m2ts, you’ll see a list of video, audio and subtitle streams.

Now, uncheck all the audio streams and subtitles that you don’t want. Click on the circle next to Create Blu Ray disk. Make a folder where you want to put the new copy on the hard drive. Then hit Start Muxing. You should get a new, complete blu ray movie containing only those streams that you want.

That is the simple way, but not all Blu Ray movies are entirely contained in the first m2ts file. Here is the sum total of what I know on how to deal with those. This is a quote from a thread over at doom9 on using BDEdit to identify those types of Blu Ray disks:

[I]BDEdit – Most discs contain a single M2TS stream that contains the entire movie. But some (e.g. discs with more than one version like theatrical and special) use multiple stream files. BDEdit identifies files that are linked together to make one “version”. TSMuxer can then be used to append them together.[/I] jdobbs author

I haven’t run into one of those yet, so can’t give you first hand experience. If you have problems, you might want to do some reading over at doom9.