#1 DVD Ripper

anyone have any idea why when i try to use this program (and actually Imtoo dvd ripper does the same thing) it records the audio and video but it isnt synched and the audio drops in and out?? the video also stutters…it used to work fine, now its all messed up… please help me! Thanks ahead of time!

Yeah i have used a lot.
The best for me is Auto-GK.
I’d always rip to XviD though.

You will need DVD Decrypter to copy the VOB and IFO files to the drive.
Once you’ve done that you can rip encode them to AVI using Auto-GK.

I got the same problems with you when i used Dr DivX.
You might need to try the VOB files you have ripped to the PC and see if they stutter.

I have used Auto-GK for ages now and have had no problem.
With Dr DivX my results ended up bad, audio out of synch, purple picture, foreign audio when i selected english.

Encode to XviD with Auto GK.

ive used dvddecrypter to back up my movies with no problems, but if i want them as a mpg or avi using a dvd ripper (Ahead, No1, ImToo), then the audio and video gets all messed up… ive found a work around using decrypter and tmpgenc studio to make them mpg, but it was much easier when the rippers worked…