#1 DVD Ripper version 1.3.24 sports easy to use interface

I just posted the article #1 DVD Ripper version 1.3.24 sports easy to use interface.

Again we can learn from Beta News about a product called #1 DVD Ripper. There are only three reactions to this software that is $ 34.95 but they are all 5 stars. The feelings expressed…

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is it just me, or is calling themselfs #1 dvd ripper is abit overconfident. :g i mean ive always used dvd decryptor, which im sure is better and cheaper (free) than this one… and i recon there are many other ppl out there who think the same too

it is different from dvddecrypter. This one encodes to avi and vcd.

actually this looks like a damn nice piece of software… i’d like to give it a try sometime.

the net is full of this kind of softwares… and many of them are free and better than this one… AutoGK, DVD2SVCD, some of them

Software is 20% functionality and 80% look. All software has a zero return policy if opened. If you can make your software look good and do what its suppose to do 3 out of 4 times then the 90% of people will buy it. Its the 10% of us who know better that will use more functional alternatives that might not be as eye appealing.

Lets face it - every one has their favourite software. I;ve tried this and many others and the most do what they say they do. i personally like this software, and it’s simple to use for many newbies etc to use and make a good working rip There’s no point in arguments over “x is better than y” as everyone has an opinion and their own personal choice. If the program works and you like it then use it, otherwise people can shut up…