1 dvd drive but 2 games to play

hi guys ,
i got a new comp this week and im loving it
its awesome playing DC and BF2 on a 24" widescreen LCD :stuck_out_tongue:
only problem is …i only have one disc drive and my buddies jump from 1942 to bf2 all the time but i gotta stop and swap disc .
i think i can use alcohol 120 to get around this , cant i ?

You can create a disc image of one of the discs and play the game from a virtual drive with the image of the disc on your Hard Drive. Someone else can probably give you better specifics on how best to do this, but I believe that Alcohol 120% can do this. I’ve also used Daemon Tools to make a virtual drive. Whichever game has the less complex copyright protection would probably be the easier game to create a virtual disc image of.

Who can afford an 24" WS LCD should be able to buy another optical drive too, IMO.

Maybe he isn’t allowed to fit it chef because of warranty issues, like I can fit memory but if I fit a drive I void the warranty on this new PC of mine.

scoobies is on the correct road for creating the image and using virtual drives. Alcohol120% will do both.

Installing a drive into a even new computer cannot void the warranty - even mayn companies will like to make you think so… :wink:

maybe he has one of those cube computers with no more room :bigsmile:

Actually yes it can, much in the same way as cross flashing can. Though saying that considering how much the monitor costs I would have paid the extra to have a PC with two drives.

I’d love to see a pointer to any company’s warranty that states that you aren’t allowed third-party upgrades. Most will not warrant the upgrades themselves but do not preclude you from invoking your warranty on your original PC if you install upgrades on it.

To the OP: couldn’t you just get an external USB or Firewire-based drive?

I have checked it out Dell does not allow you to upgrade unless you use their engineers, mine will allow me to fit a memory cards but not a drive, though as all my old hdd are now in external enclosures this isn’t much of a worry. I will wait a while before fitting my old NEC 2500.

I think it has to do with them covering themselves for people who are just starting from damaging the hardware. I suppose what they mean with voiding the warranty is that if the person damages the mobo for example fitting the drive, then the company will not replace the mobo for free as they would if it was faulty or developed a fault. Therefore they would replace but all costs would have to be met by the person.