1 disk burn for 2.5 hour movie?



I currently burn to a DL with anydvd and clonedvd. Can I use clonedvd to shrink the movie down to 1 single layer disk. I also have Roxie that I just use for bit setting. My old DVD players don’t like DL disk. Would there be a way to maybe use a PS2 to play the DL disk?


If you use DVD Shrink instead of CloneDVD you can fit a 2.5 hour movie to one single layer dvd in acceptable quality. Just make sure you use the highest quality compression and leave out all the extras and unnecesessary audio channels.
Alternatively you can try DVDrebuilder to get even higher quality at the expense of longer processing times.

I hope this is what you asked, because your post was a little bit hard to understand :slight_smile:


Yes Molnart that helps. Thanks! Can a PSP2 play station read and olay play the DL format? If so then I can just hook it up and play them on any TV.