1 ClickDVDCopy 5 question

I would like to purchase 1click DVD copy 5.The best price i have seen is$ 59.00 plus $9.95 for the optional cd from lgsoftwareinnovations.com. Is this a legitimate site and is this the best price out there? Thanks Bruce l.

Bruce I,

I highly recommend CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD to copy DVDs.
You can download them of link:

With this program, you can install it on more then 1 computer.
1Click DVD copy 5 is for a single computer.

price: $79.00 dollars for CloneDVD2 + AnyDVD. There is also coupon code you can use to save money on slysoft products.

1Click with AnyDVD is the best in my oppion! And yes that is a legit site!
Also they have a very good forum attached with info and such much like this forum!
Luvs Jenni

Let’s make it clear: according to Slysoft you are permitted to install on more than one machine. However the EULA says that you can only have one copy running at any one time.

“only have one copy running at any one time” What does this mean? I get it all the time.

It means, if you have more than one PC, don’t run the software on them at the same time.

One PC/instance of the software at a time. :slight_smile:

My pc is the only one running. There is not another one. I also use anydvd and i get that message all the time still. have any suggestion? i use a philips dvd+rw sdvd6004

Then you should be fine.

What’s the exact message you get?

something along the line of (if you are using a dvd ripper please close it then reopen 1 click dvd. 1 click dvd will now close. )

I’d try and get your CloneDVD2 problem sorted out with Geno, and use that.

Sadly, I have no experience of 1Click…when you said “error message”, I thought you meant from AnyDVD! :wink:

Thanks For The Help Anyways

Hi Bruce:
1ClickDVDCOPY is a very legit site. They have a great program and excellent support. That is not to say Slysoft and others are not as good but you asked about 1Click so I am giving you my advise. I personally own a liscense to their programs and I think it is a very good investment. That said, most of these programs are shareware, you can try before you buy, so use that, download the ones you want to try, see if you like them, you will lose nothing. Then choose the one you like and buy it. Its just that easy. Both LG Software and Slysoft along with DVD Fab are all excellent programs for backing up your collection. Good luck.

Try posting your issue with 1Click

  • at the 1Click Support site

I’m sure someone can help you figure it out there


… Yes , 1Click has their own support site :wink:


1 Click’s a great program and well worth the $59 USD price. I wouldn’t bother with the $9.95 CD as you can download it directly from LGSI’s site and updates are frequent. Just make sure you store your registration ID is a SAFE PLACE!! I have mine in hard copy and on an archival CD.

BTW - Jenni’s right, 1 Click + AnyDVD is the best combination----JMHO.

Had regular 1Click now for nearly 2years, never had a problem yet!!..guess i’ve just been lucky.
I say"Go for it, you wont be sorry", Also if you are not already a member, join 1Click’s forum today for the the very best tech advice out there on this subject…