1 Click DVD Pro and Any DVD

Since upgrading to Vista Premium I had to switch from DVD43 to Any DVD, however what use to take 20-25 minutes to copy a DVD now takes an hour and sometimes even longer. Being new to Any DVD is this a setup I am missing??


Check your DMA
Sometimes the removal of DVD43 can be ‘Brutal’ on your System

Check/Fix Your DMA

[I]When using AnyDVD …[/I]
[B]Be sure to UNCheck= “Enable CPRx error correction”

  • in PRO’s >Right Click > Settings Menu [/B]


Yeah that is all OK its the first thing I checked after installing Any DVD. Any other suggestions that may help? It is all in the finalizing stage of the copy it sits for about an hour before completing and ejecting the drive.



Write down your registration code. Then delete the whole program. Reboot. Install VSO Inspector from here It is free. Then reboot again. This will put the newest version of the Pattin -Couffin drivers on your system. It is also handy for identifying your media. Then reinstall the 1ClickCopytoDVDPro Version. Insert your reg code. You should be all set.:iagree: Remember to reboot again after the install.

Are you using DVD [B]-R[/B]s ?

[B][I]Right Click on the 1ClickPRO Interface > Settings Menu [/I][/B]
[B]Set[/B]= Your “DVD-R Write Mode” at “TRY SAO First”

Also …
[B]UN[/B]Check= “Enable media stats collection - VSO”


Please Post a >> F8 log session of the attempt(s) …
Let us read the ‘process’ and ‘error’ in context

  • and your options - selected

Open 1Click >> F8 >> Copy and Paste in Reply
Look for :
Session Started” / “Session Closed

  • to divide the individual sessions
    Post one session per Reply Post
    One or Two “Session(s)” in question should suffice

If the One Session is too long - Divide the Session into Two Postings

Your log will instantly answer 20 questions we might have

Let us take a look …


Thanks for the help after I installed the new VSO, I was able to copy a movie in 18 minutes, just like I used to. Again thanks a lot.


When using the procedure I discribed above always write down your reg code first, it can save you alot of e-mails:iagree: