1 click dvd error?

I am using 1 click dvd with dvd 43… well trying it reads trhe movie then asks me to put in a blank dvd… when i do that it starts out doing its thing and hits an error Write error at 96 (16) - Code 04 09 04 [HW error, Head selection fault] Can anyone please help me with this? I also have Any DVD and nero on my lap top and am having problems all of a sudden with that to. Is it new dvd protection that cant be copied maybe?

Thank you to any one that takes the time to help me

I Copied and Pasted the response posted over at Dvdrextreme :wink:

Also if you have AnyDVD , why would you be messing with DVD43 ? :confused:


Does your Nero installation include Incd? If it does, that could be the source of your problem. The 1Click burn engine does not coexist well with Incd. You would need to uninstall just that component of Nero. Also, as Shannon notes, you are asking for trouble by having both DVD43 and AnyDVD installed. Do a new install of the latest AnyDVD and when it asks about removing DVD43 tell it to do so.

i have anydvd on my lap top and it was working great with nero then one day i couldnt get it to do anythinhg so a guy i work with gave me dvd 43 and 1 click and said it works good. thank u for ur answers ill give it a try and see how it works

Levi1923 people just don’t give 1click DVD copy to others, I hope you have a REG KEY for it.

and if you don’t…BUSTED

hello everyone,
I need help.
I have 1ClickDvdCopy.
I have an error and I need to fix it?
Can anyone help.
This is the error - Write error at 1478080(16) - code 04 09 01 HW error, Tracking servo failure

Could you post a complete session from your CopytoDVD log ?
Post a session containing the error
I would like to read the error in context

Open 1Click >> F9 > CopytoDVD log > Copy and Paste in reply

This will give some basic information about your set-up .
Having this info will make it easier to give reliable advice .