1 Click DVD Copy introduces CPRx technology to defeat copy protections



I just posted the article 1 Click DVD Copy introduces CPRx technology to defeat copy protections.

Software, the developers of 1 Click DVD Copy have informed us that they have introduced a new technology to their software that beats copy protections using bad sectors. The…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11791-1-Click-DVD-Copy-introduces-CPRx-technology-to-defeat-copy-protections.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11791-1-Click-DVD-Copy-introduces-CPRx-technology-to-defeat-copy-protections.html)

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For $99? yuk, I just thought of a good scam, the copy protection people should sell the software to defeat their own protection and play cat and mouse and get paid for each upgrade on both ends.


99 for the Pro version. The no Pro version is good enough and is “just” 59.


You can’t be serious? “The Legend of Zorro, Fun With Dick and Jane, Little Stuart 3, The Cave, The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Fog, March Of The Penguins, Wedding Crashers, Madagascar, Polar Express, The Forgotten, The Grudge, Hitch, Resident Evil, Are We There Yet” Who wants copies of this crap!


The Fog - from carpenter is a crap?:B


Uhmm…can we all say…so what? All of the titles mentioned also can be copied quite nicely with DVDFab Decrypter and DVDShrink…which are FREE.


I have not found a DVD yet that DVDFAB Cannot Copy.$99 that is rediculous,I went and spent $59 on dvdfab Platinum.:+


AnyDVD+ CloneDVD2 puts this software to shame, don’t waste your money!


Yep, the difference is your drive ! is it a CPRM/CPPM compatible one or not?, if it’s not, you can use shrink or decrypter just as easy ! CPRM=CPRx ? or CPxM :slight_smile:


Or use PX760 (Plextor) drive with PlextoolProXL :slight_smile: