1 click dvd copy, any dvd and cprx


I am using AnyDVD and 1 click dvd copy which doesn’t have cprx.
Movie Name is Fun With Dick and Jane - NEW! Includes CPRxâ„¢ technology to facilitate copying DVDs with bad sectors and bad DVD structure. Updated registration dialog which auto registers new versions. Update notification when new versions are available for download. Improved functionality of the “?” button to give the User Guide when the application is registered. New hot Key: F2 (Opens the Registration window). Updated the User Guide. Improved movie PGC selection in movies with seamless branching (wrong PGC selection could have resulted in no audio or incorrect audio track). MY Version

my Question is why 1 click dvd copy showing “skipping bad sectors” even though anydvd should take care of this.

compare to Nero Recode It doesn’t show this but with help of anydvd is able to back up.

To sum it why 1 click dvd copy is showing " Skipping Bad Sectors" even though program shouldn’t see bad sectors.

last but no least how it is possible without having cprx in 1 click, which version doesn’t have.

you will need to uncheck cprx within 1click no need for it and anydvd to be doing the same job, I mainly use Pro but I think if you right click on the GUI you will see the options that you have control over.

When 1Click shows skipping bad sectors it typically has nothing to do with copy protection. You can get this message with originals that do not have bad sector protection. If your disk is dirty or scratched, 1Click will skip the bad or unreadable sectors and give you the “skipping bad sectors” message, as opposed to CloneDVD2 which usually gets a CRC error and stops when encountering the same thing.

Although CPRx was implemented in you need to go to to be able to disable it using the F3 key. Try out the latest version with CPRx enabled and see if you have better luck. If you still have problems then try disabling CPRx. CPRx has now been completely integrated in all copy modes. Prior to this change you were forced to choose from transcoding (with or without compression) when making an “Exact copy” (using Dual Layer media) of a DVD with bad sectors, unless you were using the PRO version. Now CPRx is available now in all copy modes in the regular 1CLICK DVD COPY. CPRx error correction can now be enabled or disabled using the ‘F3’ keyboard key. We recommend you do not disable this feature unless you have another program (like AnyDVD for example) which will do the error correction for you. The current CPRx error correction is now indicated in the log file. Update Notification can now be enabled or disabled using the ‘F4’ keyboard key. We recommend you do not disable this feature, otherwise you will not be notified of new updates.