1 Click Copied Original Source Then Closed. Can I Open Saved Tmp File & Burn a Copy?

1 Click finished copying the original DVD but before burning a copy my building’s power went out! Now it’s back on. I believe Temp file is still on my drive.
Can I burn a copy using 1 Click using the file saved before the power went
out (assuming it’s a good, uncorrupted file) or do I have to re-copy the
original? eg: Do I have to start from scratch?


Open 1Click > Options
> Source > Click on ‘drop arrow’ >Click= Select Hard Drive Folder
> Browse\ Navigate to your Working Folder
> Select the Movie’s VIDEO_TS Folder as source >OK
> Click= Start
> 1Click will ‘prompt’= “Exact Copy?” >Reply="Yes"
1Click will move Directly to Burn

To find your "Working Folder"
Select ‘Browse’ next to the ‘Working Folder’ Window
Duplicate the Path shown for the Source Folder above


Welcome to the forum ArtModern, Shannon is an expert in thse matters, her advice is sound. Let us know how you make out.