1-click burning 85 min & 52 min movies to one dvd

I have ripped an 85 minute documentary to my hard drive along with a 52 minute documentary. If these were one movie, they would run 137 mins and I could burn them to one DVD using 1-Click Pro with a minimum of compression.

But I have not been able to do that.

Is the technology just not there yet or is there another software that can do this? I have a DVD player that records and could slow the recording speeds to accommodate both on one disc but I just feel that 1-Click Pro is the superior way to go.

Unfortunately ,
1ClickDVDCopy//PRO is not able to preform a compilation from two separate sources .
But …
don’t be discouraged this may be accomplished using DVDShrink ( its free )

It’ll take a little patience and practice , but read the guides
and you should be able to put these together on to one disc .
I would suggest using a DVD/RW until you achieve the results desired .

How-to Compilation Guide for DVDShrink :cool:
and here’s another guidefor this


Thank you SO MUCH, Shannon!

:wink: A pleasure to be of service !

I use Nero Vision to do the sort of thing you are describing.