1 Chapter from 5 dics to 1 DVD disc



This question must have been asked once already. Is there a simple program that I can take chapter 3 for one disc and chapter 10 from one disc and put them on one dvd with no video loss and keeping the ac3 audio. I would like to make one dvd for myself with the best surround sound chapters on it from a varity of DVDs.

If there is not a simple program how can this be done.

I tired DVDXCOPY it will only let you do tiltes and not chapters well there could be 50 chapter in one title.

I have used a vob editor but i can only save them mpeg files…

So once again…instead of a mix cd with my favorite songs I want to mix a DVD with my favorite chapters of movie with no loss…Help Me


Yep, just simply use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. Tick ONLY the chapter you want to extract. In IFO Mode Settings, set File Splitting to none. The hit the big go button. Once you have all you want, just load them into TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab (both load in VOB files), make a menu if you wish and author. Burn out with Nero or your favourite software.


Wow thats gonna work great I think…how about editting the vob files to fade in and out but keeping them in vob format


MPEG2VCR (from www.womble.com) has fade in and out features for the video only, just not the audio.


Ok that works cool only one problem…it wont fade in the audio.



Yep I know, as I said above. Sorry I dont know of a solution for fade in/out of AC3 streams other than maybe chopping off 1/4 to 1 sec at start and end of the stream and adding a silent bit in its place. AC3 Delay Corrector can do that for you, but would be fiddly to do, you would also have to demux the VOB initially and re-mux them back (MPEG2VCR can do that) after your done.


I have easy creator from roxio it does not allow me to add vob files…and i have a version of nero but it does not see vob files either what nero do i need or shoule roxio easy creator do the trick


when i am about to record it can i change the names of the vob files to like “THX.VOB” or so they need to stay in the vcr_5-1 thing


Neither of them will do the job, the VOB files need to be authored in DVDLab or TMPGEnc DVD Author. Both import VOB files and mave menu making facilties (TDA has set templates, pretty plain if you ask me). This will then create your VIDEO_TS folder full of VOB, IFO & BUP files ready to burn out with Nero.