1.can burn 1.2or 16x

hi,i ihave a liton digatil max 16x dvdrw ,nero 7 premium .when i put in a 16x ridata disk it only lets me select 1 2 or max, it will burn at 16x on max but i whant to be able to use 4,6,8,12,or16x, also did this useing 16x memorex, is there a way to fix this. thanks for any help you can give me. xbill,

Welcome to the forum. It is most likely that your firmware is not current and does not recognize the newer 16X media. You need to identify the exact model number of the Liteon so you can get the correct firmware. CDSpeed can help.

HI ihave latest fw [ysg5]for drw5s163. burn speed worked in nero express 4,6,8 12 16 not in nero dvd rom, any way to make ajust ment in nero? xbill

I am guessing that you have a Liteon 1635 as that is the only burner with a firmware starting with Y. The latest version is YS0V http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html

You also may have a problem with Nero and your drive; do you have the latest Nero,

Ithink your right i’ll try it. thanks alot xbill tryed it didn.t work but thanks for info.

@ xbill
When you have your burn set up and you put the blank disk into the drive, do you give Nero time to read the disk and offer all the possible speeds. Nero needs about 20 seconds to spin up the drive and read the disk and then it offers the burn speed options. You can even try putting in the disk before setting up the burn compilation.