1.47gb to 4.7gb DVD disk

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Here goes my first post!
I have alot of 1.47gb recorded DVD disks that I am wanting to transfer to 4.7gb disks. I am using Nero v7 for this process.
My question is: how do I get the contents of two 1.47gb disks onto one 4.7gb disk. :confused: All the 1.47gb disks have very similar filenames eg. video_ts, vts_01_1.vob, vts_01_0.ifo etc, so when I want to put the contents of two of these disks onto the 4.7gb disk I have the issue of files from the second 1.47gb disk wanting to overwrite what I’ve added from the first 1.47gb disk.
Is there an easy way to get two small disk onto one bigger disk?



Just put the two sets of files into different named folders.

Hi [B]mstabrey[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

It really depends on how you want to use your 4.7 GB DVDs.

If you just want to backup your 1.47 GB DVDs so that you can transfer them back later on, I suggest reading the 1.47 GB DVDs to ISO image files using e.g. ImgBurn and then burn 2-3 ISO image files per disc on 4.7 GB DVDs using e.g. the build mode of ImgBurn. Then later on you can burn the relevant ISO image file to a 1.47 GB DVD as needed.

If you want to be able to play the video recorded onto the 1.47 GB DVDs from the 4.7 GB DVDs then you need to use some kind of Video Authoring program that lets you merge multiple DVDs. You can read about such programs in our [B]Copy DVD Movie[/B] and [B]Video Edit Software[/B] forums.

Putting the files into different folders doesn’t work (on my DVD player anyway).
I have Nero and AVS - can any of these do the job?



DrageMester gave you some useful hints.
Please try them.


All I wanted to know (before I started scratching through these groups) was whether Nero or AVS could do it. Simple question - yes or no would suffice. Not too much to ask is it?


NeroVision can probably do what you want, but I don’t like that program very much and I’m sure there must be better alternatives. I don’t know anything about AVS.

I still suggest you check out the forums I linked to above.