1-2x dvd's

Hello everybody!
I got some dvd’s from Fry’s that are 1-2x 4.7 GB they dont have a brand label. I try to burn them with my sony dru510a internal drive but the drive just hungs and even the system wouldnt’ shootdown anymore.
Anyone with any ideas?


Some dvd burners and/or firmwares don’t like certain media. Sounds like this is the case for you. Try a namebrand dvd like memorex, verbatim, etc… and see if that helps. Or, if you have access to another burner, or a friend with multiple burners, give him a few of your dvd’s and have him try to burn them and run cdspeed disk quality scan on them. They may just be bad dvd’s. Some are!

harley’s advice is good. Other points are that Fry’s generic discs are known to typically be pretty marginal media at best, although some of their newer ‘GQ’ discs are decent, depending on the media code. You can get the media code, which tells you who actually makes the discs, by using a program such as Nero CD-DVD Speed and checking the media code with it. Another issue is that Sony burners are typically average burners, you will probably run into alot of issues with cheap media on lesser burners. Make sure you update your burner to the latest firmware available though, as they may have improved the firmware enough to allow you to burn them. If you do get one to burn, check the burn quality with a Transfer Rate test using Nero CD-DVD Speed (your burner doesn’t support other testing). A relatively smooth graph indicates a decent burn, multiple severe dips in read speed or a premature end to the test indicate poor burn quality that will cause unreadable portions of the disc, skipping and freezing issues of the disc, etc.

One good alternative would be these - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=154140. 4x media is getting pretty hard to find and the discs in the thread I linked to are great discs, you should have no problems with them. Shipping is expensive but if you order 2 spindles the overall cost would be about $24 per 100, a great price for them. You can also look into the ‘value’ Taiyo Yuden discs, they sell for around $30 shipped at several retailers and are good discs. You would probably be better off trying 4x media on your burner, as newer 8x and faster media typically burns better at their rated speed and older burners such as yours often have poor support for newer, faster discs.

thank you guys. the sad thing is that I got too excited about how cheap they were and I endedup buying 4 spindles for a total loss of 45.00 (I keep telling my wife that one day I may make’m work)
thanks again.

:doh: I’ve done the same with cheapo generic media online, if it’s a great price I’ll give it a shot. But I have the advantage of owning several different burners that can tolerate cheapo generics better than your burner can. Between all of my burners I can usually find a useable result with the cheap junk on one of the burners. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they spindles of 50 or 100? Download Nero CD-DVD Speed and post the media code of the discs for us, we may be able to give you better advice on the discs if we know what they actually are. You can buy a new NEC or Benq burner for less than the price that you paid for all of the discs, depending on what the media code of the discs is, there may be a burner that can burn them with decent results (I mention NEC and Benq as they both handle cheap generic media well, in general).

I would return the unopened spindles. GQ/generic fry’s media can be some of the worst stuff you can get. Even If you do get them to burn, I wouldn’t trust the disks, especially since you drive cannot error scan, so you have no idea if the burns are good or marginal. Check the media code with dvd identifer on the open ones, but my guess is that they are not worth keeping even at that price. About the link that scoobiedoobie gave you. If you can find a small pack of maxell 4x+r locally for not too much, they have an extremmly high chance of being ricohjpnr01, the same stuff he linked to. That way you can try a few before you go ordering a lot of them. Personally I think that ricohjpnr01 is one of the best medias out there, but it wouldn’t hurt to try them first, as somtimes a particular drive/firmware won’t work well with certain medias, even if they are good quality.