1.29 vs 8.29



just a quick question…i used to do a lot of helping here with omnipatcher etc and now could do with others help after purchasing a pioneer 111d (man i wish i’d have stuck with NEC :rolleyes: )

can anyone tell me the differences in write stragegies between those 2 firmwares as i am having an absolute nightmare burning ANY dual layers with this drive…so far i have wasted over 50+ blanks of all different kinds…i’m lucky if i get 1 in 10 to burn to 100%…now i aint stupid and know that i should be using verbatims but at the mo they are like gold dust in the UK…
i have narrowed the bad burnd down to ricohjpn dye of ANY kind (D00 D01 D02 etc)

what i would like to know is if there have been any new write strats around for DL on a 111d or if someone has made a quality firmware over speed firmware etc…

i am totaly new to the pionner scene but not new to the burning scene. i am tearing my hair out and thinking about RMAing the drive for a trusty NEC that gave me hundreds of thousands of burns with absolutely no probs at all…

cmc mag have been the most reliable so far but even that has 2 or 3 fails out of 10…

so could it be the firmware or could it be the drive and does anyone know when there will be a new OFFICIAL pioneer firmware upgrade…(shouldnt be long looking at the sheer amount of people having trouble with this drive. i mean ALL the ricoh even 8x branded ones only burn at 2.4x and most cheaper brands just will not burn at all. even though the same disks burn perfect in a friends nec and lite-on so it must be drive specific) come on pioneer pull your lazy fingers out…i dont care about lightscribe i just want the damn thing to burn lol

thanks in advance

currently using stock 1.29 firmware


Defect in the optical unit might occur…


Your problem is cheap DL media. Fix that, buy Verbatim DL!


i’m pretty sure its not the drive as single layers burn fine (any dye) cdr burn fine…

its DL that i have bother with


i had a bit of anti pioneer rant lol…what i was really interested in is the write strats etc…obviously not fully supported yet…sooo

  1. is there any sites that have progress and ETA of next official firmware
  2. has anyone made a quality burn hacked firmware
  3. is there any difference in 1.29 and 8.29

  1. Pioneer support sites
  2. Make it yourself by using MCSE tool by ala42.
  3. 8.xx only adds AUTO-bitsetting for DVD+R (to DVD-ROM).


any good strats for ricohjpn d00 d01 d02



so, without reading the whole ala-thread, there actualy is a way to improve write quality by adjusting the speed for dl? i wonder how this could be done with a dvr-111 :slight_smile: as it supports all avail speeds natively :confused:


I thought the question was notentirely meant about DL.


only DL single layer is fine…

i wonder how this could be done with a dvr-111 as it supports all avail speeds natively

mine only supports 2.4x even on 8x media thats why i think its a firmware shortcomming
on the site it says it supports verbatim…all other dual layer media will be burnt at 2.4


DL single layer???

DL single sided maybe.

Other DL media doesn’t exist yet and I hope it will not appear because that only would create more issues.


i meant to put a full stop lol
only DL gives me problems…SL is fine…they all burn well and the scans are fine…its just DL media
in the 1.29 media list it says it supports ricohjpn d01 at 2.4x 4x 6x and 8x but for some reason mine will only burn d01 at 2.4x in all progs…not that it matters as out of 80 blanks all of different manufacterers but all ricohjpn dye have ALL have failed…i havent had a sinle 1 burn yet.
cmc mag i can get 6 or 7 out of 10 to burn and thats NOT supported yet
ritek again 6 or 7 out of 10 will burn fine and thats supported by firmware according to readme…
its very strange how the disks that ARENT supposed to be supported burn and the ones that have firmware support only burn at 2.4x and fail 100% of the time…
i’m really thinking of just taking the drive back…even though i know there is nothing wrong with the drive i actualy though pioneer where good with firmware updates.
but so far there is only 3 dyes supported in DL 1 of which doesnt even burn.
and 1.29 came out in september thats nearly 4 months. thats a long time when you consider how many new media is on the market and the demand for DL burning is rapidly expanding…
that is why i wanted to know if 8.29 buffalo had newer strats than 1.29…
i have tried every pioneer support site on the net and all they state is 1.29 and whats new in it…nothing whatsoever on how long the next update will be or what they are working on…

my friend has a sony (rebadged liteon) that burns ALL DL media fine (even crappy aone 8x)…my friend has an nec that burns DL fine…i read many reviews and most considrered the 111d to be the best burner available especialy for DL…i really cant believe how bad the drive performs compared to the other at DL…it beats them all on SL hands down but i had a trusty nec SL burner that didnt give me 1 single coaster in 2 years of burning…this pioneer so far in 2 weeks has coastered over 60 :frowning:

and i stated in the start of the thread i aint a n00b when it comes to burning and write strats etc
so no need to state the obvious like make sure your using 80 pin flat cable…make sure your in dma mode 4…make sure you dont use embedded ide drivers…check your aspi layers etc.
i’m afraid i know HOW to get the best burns possible its just a shame i’m being let down by the drives internal hardware being driven by very old firmware from 1 of the most popular dvd writer companies around…

i take it back lol…RITEKF1 single layer burns fine but dvd player wont recognise them so i put the disk in to scan and the pc wont recognise it…thats happened on my last 3 burns…grrr why oh why did i buy pioneer lol


if you flash your drive w/tdb 8.29 you shouldn’t have any probs concerning writing speeds, although you might not be able to exchange your drive due to warranty.

regarding newer drive strat in tdb-fw. i highly doubt it as it should be based on the latest official-fw from pio.

btw. pio has never been famous for the fw-support of their hardware :wink: + stop using crappy ritek media you “pro” :stuck_out_tongue:


i dont know what dyes they are till i get them home…ive had infinity 360 (ricohjpn) aone (ricohjpn) datawrite redtop (ricohjpn) mirror (ricohjpn) tuffdisk (ricohjpn) i see a patern lol…where i live verbatms are very hard to come by so i was looking for alternative to verbatims…not nescecarily cheaper alternatives but any …its just it seems EVERY DL that isnt verbatim is utter crap lol…


Here are your options:

  1. Use Verbatim media, if you can’t find it, try harder. It has worked fine in my pioneer.
  2. Just use single layer since it’s way cheaper
  3. Use another burner, but can’t guarantee that will sort things out since all DL media except for Verbatim is pretty inconsistent quality wise.


well my local store has finaly got a huge amount back in stock of verbatims :slight_smile:
2.4x burning at 4x…gunna try 8x next :slight_smile:
scans are good and not a single coaster so far
£48 for 25 disks cant go wrong. although the others where £12 for 10 when only half will burn in the long run they work out more expensive than verbatims…
i dont know if anyone can verify this but ive read a lot about ricoh being a pretty good alternative to verbatims when you cant get them…now i have had no luck whatsoever with ricohjpn dye but they have all been rebranded (see previous posts for mnufacturers) the store where i bought the verbatims from have also started to stock ricoh’s own brand…
so has anyone with a pioneer 111d actualy tried these and as the name suggests are ricoh disk using ricohjpn dye. might sound strange but ridisk used to use ritek dye (g05 has to be the worst dye ever lol) and they made the switch to cmc mag and mcc dyes… so if anyone has tried ricoh branded DL could they either tell me the reults or give a quick kprobe for me…cheers

:slight_smile: happy verbatim user :slight_smile:


Some experiences are here.


Hetster, man you got the verbs, don’t go back to the dark side and use other media! :stuck_out_tongue:

It may be expensive but it works, and it keeps working after its burnt, unlike other degrading media.


ok 1 more question before i go headlong into a burning frenzy lol.
the last few verbatims DL i have burnt fail the verify in imgburn. but they copy back to pc no problem and they seem to play fine in the xbox 360.
no i know data is a lot more strict than dvd video files as a lot of dvd players will skip over errors.
so is it normal for it to fail the verification (usualy 1 error in random places)
also is there any reason why nero nor dvdinfopro will do a quality scan on the second layer…at 51% both programs freeze up. thats been on multiple disks.
ive read that the pioneer 111d does not allow for pi/pif scanning so i thought it might be that.(is there a kprobe alterbative for pioneers?).which also has me thinking that the failed verifacation might be a symptom of this as well. a sort of flase positive if you will
out of 25 verbatims burnt so far 17 have failed verification in imgburn all in different places (not layer break. eg 17%…68%…93% only 1 per disk though). cant scan the second layer so i dont know if it will be readable or not…any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
then i can leave you all alone lol


You are not alone, sadly this seems to be a tiny firmware related bug. :frowning: