1.2 gig of ram

i know it might be a silly question but can you have to much ram in your computer as everything works faster with 512meg than it do’s withs 1.2gig in my computer.

abit kx333
1.2gif ddr pc2600
radeon 9000 pro II
10/100 nic
pci nec usb 2


I have 1024 MB RAM and it’s not any slower then when I had 512.
It’s lovely with alot of RAM :slight_smile:


I have installed games in my RamDisk and WOW!!!

The OP fails to mention an operating system.

windows xp

There’s no reason why adding RAM would slow your OS or software, unless you have a hardware issue with the new RAM.
Check your BIOS settings, then run Memtest86 for at least 4 hours to check for memory errors. Also run PCMark02 memory benchmark with 512 and again with 1024, then with the other 512, compare the results.
There’s also no reason to think that your system will be faster with 1024, except when it is actually being used, which is rare.
That said, I wouldn’t want to live without at least 1024.

Originally posted by Astronutty

I have installed games in my RamDisk and WOW!!! [/B]

What games did you install on Ramdisk? Just curious, as most of my games seem to be 1GB+

Getting a PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25G w/ 20" Cinema Display next week. First thing I’ll do is ditch the default 256MB PC2700 and slap in 2 sticks of 512MB PC2700. Hmmm… 512MB per CPU…

Mac users…bunch of stoners and beatniks:bigsmile: .

One of my good friends has dual 866MHz MDD Mac, I was not impressed. I think most of the first processor is used on all the GUI effects:p . Last week we replaced his superloud Mac PSU, I must admit the inside of the case is well arranged and clean, plus for 2 CPUs all he has is one giant heatsink. And you gotta love Apple Cinema Display.

I feel we are getting a little offtopic here…aren’t we?

Short summary:
Adding memory to your system can give you extra performance, depending on the tasks your system is used for.
As long as your new memory doesn’t exceed the maximum quantity of memory your system/OS can take, and it isn’t slower than the present memory is, you won’t get any troubles and it will not decrease your systems speed…

Actually D, we’re still on topic, I just forgot to mention that adding more RAM does increase the processing time when utilizing proper software, as seen in a number of benchmarks. The dually Mac will be used for Adobe Photoshop and MacroMedia Studio, therefore, it’s neccessary for me to up the RAM from 256MB to 1GB. Besides, having a MP system in general requires more RAM to have it running at optimal speed.

BadReligion: Nah, I’m got an AMD XP system at home, w/ a tiny 18" Sony LCD. The MP Mac will be my work horse in the lab (no, not a meth lab). Replacing MAC PSU? Isn’t it proprietary? Which PSU did you put in?

Ps. Damn, maybe I should go for the 23" HD Cinema Display… but that’s just obnoxious, or should I say offensive, to all the people still using 17" CRTs…:bigsmile:

Another thing about adding RAM. You’ll get be result by switching in new RAM and ditching the old, or using RAM w/ the same make and model. I never mix RAM.

Yes it was very proprietary. My friend wants to sell the old one, but I wonder how - Wierdly shaped and very loud PSU for sale, BO? :slight_smile: . The new PSU was from Apple because so many people complained of the noise.

more RAM will make your system faster but too much will only slow it down. i think that 1Gb is everything you need for now.

actually i just ordered 2Gb of RAM for my new system :bigsmile: