1.2 GHz Athlon available this month

I just posted the article 1.2 GHz Athlon available this month.

Source: The Register

No sooner do we advise that 1.2GHz Athlons will be in the shops in time for Christmas than do we discover that the little suckers will actually be out and about before…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/871-1_2-GHz-Athlon-available-this-month.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/871-1_2-GHz-Athlon-available-this-month.html)

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Damn now i wished i wasn`t naughty all the year damned!!

Big numbers sounds excellent specially for AMD but what about compatibility, stability and mother board range and availability?

PaRaDoX there’s one big number I don’t really like the sounding of it… the price :stuck_out_tongue:

Man…when are da 1 THz (Tera Hertz) gonna be out?

does anyone have an idea what time it is? i lost my watch

And to think I started with a Commodore 64 a few years ago…

Vinny, I am sorry but I am not sure if I know what you mean? What don’t you like about the big numbers, if you mean the price I thought Durons were suppose to be cheaper than comparable Celerons or for that fact PIII’s. All I know is that a good compatible motherboard for them is very hard to find.

PaRaDoX - Yeah it may be cheaper, but it still aint cheap.

Hey Paradox ,take the abit sockel a model with the ide raid 100 controller, greatest board for the amd. Finally im a fucking intel fan, but saving money and need to have a second comp then the amd is great. no probs with anything not like bad amd k2 or k3, there were bad, had one for testing, only 1 week and i throw it out(sold it to an idiot who had only a 486 with 33 mhz, was quite happy with that).
sEe yA

ThAnKs FoR ThE InFo Tom909 ! you would not happen to know what the model number of the Abit board would be? I have heard that the Atlon Thunderbirds are pretty good but have not heard anything from one that uses Duron yet. But I guess as you said it should be pretty OK for a second computer. At the moment I am chugging along with the PIII 800E 100Mhz Bus and it seems fine for now maybe it becomes old next week.

Paradox, the numbers are the Abit KT-7 RAID board, I currently have one in one of my other computers, running a duron 700, that was overclocked and RUNNING STABLE at 1.1 Ghz, but I took it back down to 700, The Abit board, is by FAR, one the most stable and OVERCLOCKABLE boards for the T-Bird/Duron, HIGHLY reccomended

dit sombody now how to overclock a Duron 600 with a asus motherboard a7v.

to overclock durons and t-birds, almost all motherboads need to have the automatic voltage changed to something else to enable overclocking. there are alot of voltage mods coming out for certain motherboards lately. check it out at: www.socketa.com

Cheers Papasmurf, appreciate the info. I’ll look it up.

Hey Zafnath, go to www.tomshardware.com. They have a great article on overclocking with the Asus A7V
I have a Duron 600 overclocked to 850 MHz. Works great!

Is it also posible to overclock my P2 400 ??

With a asus P3V4X P3 Slot 1 Motherboard ?

hé Scrooloos, thanks for this great information

420 dude