For the people who want to help CDfreaks but don’t want to start configuring every option of the client here’s the fast way:<UL TYPE=SQUARE>
<LI>Download the Client
<LI>Install it and UNcheck the three (3) checkboxes on the last screen of the installation
<LI>Cable users download This and Modem user download this
<LI>Place the ini in the dir you installed dnetc.exe and start the exe file

You’re working now, so easy

Plz report any bugs, errors you have cos this files work on 99.99% of PCs but yours can be that other 0.01%so report what you get, so we can make it into a FAQ


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Yes… great job Red…

Tnx mate, btw people using this ini will see their stats here

Sp get those cows up and running ppl !!!

Soon there will be an even easier way, so stay tuned

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It doesn’t work on my computer if i want to start, my computer crashed.

Excuse for my bad english, i’am dutch


read that and try once?