1.2.0 Engine Questions!


I have some questions regarding the new compression engine(s) of the new 1.2.0 version. It’s not explained too clearly in the version history:

What exactly is the “new” mode?? Variable or constant?

And let’s say it’s the constant mode (like I suspect), what about the variable mode then? Has it been “untouched” from the previous versions and does it produce exactly the same quality like 1.1.3? Or has the “old mode” been improved too??

Thanx 4 some answers,

WOW… Lots of replies!! :wink: Maybe Rene and Erwin are throwing a big release party…

OK, I figured out by now that the “constant mode” is the new one (duh!). But my second question regarding the changes for the “old” variable mode still needs to be answered…


It is evident that things have changed. I did the Jackass full movie yesterday with the 1.13 in 39 minutes. I am now doing it again in variable mode with the 1.2 and its taken 81minutes. Unfortunately I am at work using remote desktop to monitor it, so I can’t play the result back until this evening. I should try the constant method, though I originally though the variable method was the better way until I checked out the compression info sheet on the web page.

The removal of unused padding data in the videostream and the using of only relevant data (encryption errors) is used in both the engine’s

The new version (1.2 engine) is the constant engine, the old engine still works the same as it ever did. No changes in there.