1.19 or 1.29 for Pioneer 111D?

At http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Firmware/SingleModel.aspx?DriveId=1300 I found version 1.29 as the most recent firmware for my Pioneer DVR 111D,

However, at the site of Pioneer http://www.pioneer.nl/nl/content/support/support/software.html#fdvdwriter the latest firmware version seems to be 1.19.

Why this difference? And is version 1.29 safe to install?

Get 1.29 direct from Pioneer here .

Yes it’s safe & the best option.

I didn’t noticed the new firmware release :o

You can find 1.29 also here

Edit: Tim was faster than me :doh:

Thanks, guys. I installed this latest version and everything works fine (like always :slight_smile: ).