1 1620 each ide vs 2 1620's on 1 ide

I currently have 2 1620’s in my system.
Primary Master = Maxtor 250gig
Primary Slave = 1620
Secondary Master = 1620
Secondary Slave = Nothing

Both my 1620’s are speed patched TDB-RPC1 B7P9’s(U9 just didn’t do it for me).
The 1620 that is slave, reads slower than the one that is on master. I was just wondering if i would get any better performance by putting the two 1620’s on Secondary Master and Slave, leaving the Maxtor 250gig on it’s own cable. BTW, I have a Striped SATA RAID which is why i have both ide’s free :smiley:

It will depend on your primary usage. My DVD ripper/burner PC has SATA HDDs so I have both IDE controllers open, since I do alot of 1 to 1 copies I have each DVD RW/CD RW drives and their own IDE channel. There is no shared bandwidth and I get marginally faster reads and burns with that set up. But if you rip to an intermediate drive like your Maxtor then it should be opposite the drive you use to rip, usually, as you probably want the fastest ripping speed available. Burning is inherently slower than ripping and should not be impacted much by having the Maxtor and the burning drive on the same IDE controller.

very insightful answer, thank you very much