1.11 problems

i tried using the new version of dvd2one to make a full copy used dvd decrypter to rip all files in file mode and dvd2one shrank the files to one dvd but didnt play right it was screwed up the image quality was excellent but i coulnd get the soudn to work online the background music no sound when peole were talking even though i kept all the audio options in the movie i think there is a glitch in this new version i know its still only the beginning of this program so just wanted to let u guys know the problems that im having thanks for posting on my other posts

Well to date using the version of DVD2one v1.11 full disk copy I have succesfully copied the following (that is after using DVD Decrypter - select all files)

  1. The Office - Series 1
  2. I’m Alan Partridge
  3. Chopper
  4. Band of Brothers (6 disks)

with no problems whatsoever - no freezing etc - all disks play superbly with no loss of video quality at all.

Not seeing any probs here at all and congrats for such a welcoming program - looking forward to future releases.



Explain in more detail, your procedure, as it must be something you are doing, that is causing the sound problem, as Dvd20ne doesn’t change the sound, it only transcodes the video.

How are you burning your disk ?

dude i am decrypting all the freaking files with dvddecrypter and i am using dvd2one after that i burn the new forlder with nero
well it with neroexpress make a dvd and just point to the folder with the files it creates video_ts and audio_ts forlders automatically i did that and the sound was fucked up i dono now what went wrong anyway i did it again and it worked ok but the video quality was kinda shitty someone like Svcd or more like vcd quality that is if i do a full dvd movie only works great perfect quality i mean shittier wuality is expected cant really compress 8 gigs from one dvd to 4.7 without loosing quality but the movie-only works great and hell i dont need the other crap on the dvds why waste quality on stupid extras anyway thanks guys

Just curious, when you used the dvddecrypter the first time, you didn’t by chance use stream processing and not select any audio? Just a thought. If this is the case then when dvd2one transcoded the movie it would have used all the extra space for the movie, giving better video results.

Watch your language on this forum…where’s the moderator? :confused:

Glad u sorted out the sound m8, I knew it was u & not Dvd20ne :bigsmile:

Tend 2 agree about movie only being the better option, but if the film/extras are small, full disk mode can be handy.

Stay lucky

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Watch your language on this forum…where’s the moderator? :confused:

huh :confused:

So it’s ok to use words like f*d or shy or cp or Hl?

Just curious what profanity is if these aren’t. :wink: