1.11: Picture "Blockiness" gone!?

I’ve noticed on the first test movie that the occasional “blockiness” of the picture is now completely gone with version 1.11!!

Can this be possible? Can somebody confirm this? I’m really surprised because a picture improvement this big wasn’t really mentioned in the changelog…


I can confirm that the blockiness is not completely gone. I’ll bet you any amount of money you care to put up on that.

it should be atleast less noticable since we changed somethings in the engine to determine to actuall percentage to compress.


Not to slight the new version; it is better and less noticeable, but definitely not completely gone!

Keep up the good work.


I have have found the problem the other way which i explain under the thread increased blockiness but basically a movie only done with 1.0.2 was better than 1.1.1