1/11/05 Buy.com Verbatim 150pk CDR $33

This works out to $0.22 per disc, not too bad.

Selling out quick

Buy.com Verbatim CDR, 6 - 25 packs

Unfortunately those aren’t discs with the AZO dye, according to the Australian Verbatim website, so they probably are CMC or Moser Baer discs.

Could you give me a link to their site, I have been looking high and low for someone that details that.

That was my fear, so I have not ordered any.


I really can’t figure out Verbatim anymore. This is off topic, but I have a spindle of DVD+R Recordable discs I bought at Best Buy (verbatim #94930) and I have a spindle of Verbatim DVD+R DataLifePlus+ at work from Compusa (Verbatim 95052) and their media codes match. Down the the first three lines of the actually media code hex.

In this case, obviously the non-DataLifePlus can’t be Non-Azo, while the datalifeplus is, their codes match. Whether they do or not, I get very clean burns with them in my 3500A.

That being said, I hope someone has ordered some of these and posts some first-hand info.

With 8x and above DVD media, Datalife/Datalifeplus doesn’t matter anymore. In fact if you notice more recent packaging there is no more mention of Datalife(plus). I emailed Verbatim about this and they said they are phasing out those sub-brands and focusing solely on the Verbatim brand name, and assured me that all of their DVD media is MCC with Azo dye, which I have found to be the case. CD-R media is another story…

That’s good to know.

That will definitely affect my purchasing in the future.
I REALLY like the AZO DVD’s, they burn VERY well. Test results often very clean.

This may be a bad assumption, but I am assuming my 3500 will like CDR AZO as well.

i bought a 50 disc spindle of Verbatim 1-52X CD-R at Best Buy a few weeks ago…did NOT have Datalife(Plus) on the packaging whatsoever and turned out to be MCC Type 3.

edit: just looked at the photo on buy.com and my spindle had identical packaging (i.e. the color palette and specs on the labeling) albeit in a 50pk spindle.

drpino, what’s the part# on your spindle?

OK, so MCC 003 on Verbatim DVD’s is AZA, as all 8x plus Verbatims are AZO, but does MCC 003 on a CDR mean the same thing? Do the codes carry across the board in that fashion?

CDRs don’t have media codes like “MCC 003” but rather like this:

I buy RITEK cdr’s from Shop4Tech a 100 pack for I thinks it $17 no shipping. I would give a link but for some reason the website is down now. :eek:

Now $18 at Shop4Tech. :slight_smile:

i’m not in my apt, therefore, don’t have access to the actual spindle.

and by MCC Type 3 i didn’t mean MCC 003 - instead it reads similar to the screenshot you posted but i use Type 3 as that’s what Plextools tells me:

it reads more like “Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) 79m59s41” and dye type is “Type 3” with no mention of AZO or Cyanine.

note that i do not have access to either the actual discs or my PCs so the only things i’m SURE of is that it says “Mitsubishi Chemical Corp” and “Type 3”. I’ll post a screengrab tomorrow (Wed) once i get back to my place.

This is purely a curiosity question. Are those discs purple or true blue on the bottom?

As a general rule I avoid really small vendors. Sometimes they have good deals, but 50/50 they are more hastle than they are worth.

Resellerratings (fairly good barometer)

not sure…still not back in my apt…will let you know once i can take a look at them.

Still some left at that price, just wish I knew for sure that those particular discs are Mitsoobishooo.

Are the Purple Ones “DataLife” and the Blue ones “DataLifePlus” or AZO type?

i give no guarantees as im STILL not back home in my apt…but i’m pretty sure they’re blue in color and not purple.