1:1 xbox backups; possible?

can one make 1:1 xbox backups???

Not without a commercial CD/DVD press.


what type of protection does it use…looks like something that the DreamCast used on their cds…without the foil center!!!

they can be copied
but you gotta do it from the xbox via ftp to pc
you gotta copy the contents of the dvd to a folder on the pc and then make an iso of that “although its not that simple specific settings have to be used”
it also has to be @ the root of the disk
the file its looking for when the disk boots is default.xbe
the rom in a pc drive cannot read an xbox disk full stop
you can burn the disk with nero or prassi but once its written it will not see the contents of the disk
if you want to copy a copy
make a global image of it with prassi and burn the image back

and btw the xbox reads disk back to front
ie outside in
thats why pc cannot read them

He said 1:1, which is not possible. Of course, you can make a working backup as long as you have a modchip.


What differnce does it make what protection they use, it cannot be read on CD/DVD RW drives and you cannot defeat this protection ! A modchip is the only hope. Xbox is smart enough to refuse to play Audio CD-Rs do you really think it will boot any -R media? Of course not!

That isn’t entirely true. You can play DVD-R movie backups on an unmodded XBOX. You are correct though that you cannot get any XBOX games to work without a modchip and using one of the well established backup methods. You can however, make a 1:1 backup of an XBOX backup disc. As for his comments about copy protection, I can understand where he is coming from. The Dreamcast would allow you to play backups without a modchip, provided you D/L your games. Unfortunately the XBOX isn’t that simple. It uses a 2048-Bit encryption key. Good luck cracking that. :bigsmile:

The dreamcast security was cracked, so far Xbox Bios is a little more difficult. DVD-R Movies oddly it does support, no idea why MS hates CD-R media though?

The point was the Xbox knows what the media it is, so like with PSX/PS2 where you can make a 1:1 copy of it still won’t boot b/c of the media.

As for Dreamcast they used a special format (wasn’t a CD-ROM) and computer drives don’t support it. Xbox uses a hybrid I believe, of DVD Video + Xbox format and DVD Players and computers only read the DVD Video format.

No idea how MS did it or anything about it? As I said 1:1 backup copy cannot be done and alas, you need the modchip :frowning:

as Jesterrace explained, xbox games are digitally signed with a 2048bit encryption key. the inability to make exact copies of xbox games has nothing to do with the media you use, and whether or not the dvd drive in an xbox supports the reading of cd/dvd recordable media depends on the drive itself.

in case you hadn’t noticed, this thread is nearly 2 years old, heh.

LOL yeah it is old :smiley:

LOL yes it comes from the old 2002! I was about to answer then I read the date and stopped writing :stuck_out_tongue: anyway it is useful it raises my posts counter :smiley:


It was called a GD-ROM and it could store upto 1 gig on a disc.
A lot of games came on a normal CD-ROM as is was a lot cheaper to get someone in China to mass-produce them than asking Sega to do it for you.

how you ftp to a pc my friend has halo 2 and i want to make a disc of it
Note: if you are someone who will get me arrest/sue/fine me doing this i have an xbox and halo 2

So if you have a copy, then why do you want to copy his disc :confused:


wrong, i think xbox with Tompson drives can read good CD-R, philips drives can read CD-RW discs… is not the xbox that is smart enogh, the DVD drives are crap and refuse most of DVD-R that you put in them

Samsung xbox drives read cd-r fine. Movie backups play fine in unmodded xboxes. Use quality media and you’ll be fine.

Correct! The Xbox is not an extremely smart device. It just has a very crappy DVD drive. I have a Tompson drive and have gotten it to read very crappy CD-Rs a few times. You on the other hand got it to read good CD-Rs. Just goes to show how inconsistent it is.

Also, I forgot to mention that I have fed it many DVD-Rs and reads them all w/ no probs. (used Taiyo Yuden, RiData, BeAll, Verbatim, Optodisc) For answers to any and all Xbox modding questions visit www.xbox-scene.com