1:1 Securom copies with Plextor drives other than Plexwriter Premium(discontinued)

Hi all
I am looking to make 1:1 backups of Securom protected CD games using a Plextor drive/Blindwrite other than Plexwriter Premium.

Is this possible?

If you can’t find a refurbished Premium for sale some place, then wait for the upcoming Premium II.

If you just want to play a SecuROM protected game from a backup CD, then try the TwinPeak method. I’ve made them with my Plextor 12x CD-RW before I got my pair of Premium’s.

“upcoming Premium II”, Is is true?


Read from post #59 on.

Premium cant make 1:1 copy of Securom 7.0+ so dont bother buying one now
and I dont think premium 2 will be any better than premium in defeating copy protection, it may even encodes gigrec etc so you will have to use/purchase plextools to use its full capability

With BlindWrite my PX-716 can make 1:1 backups of Securom 5.0+ and 7.0+ protected CD games (not DVD).

Try to run your protected discs in a pioneer dvd-rom or asus dvd-rom and sea whether it works or not
I dont think Securom 7.0+ is copyable anymore

My dvd-rom is pioneer and it works. I use plextor only for burning.

I am afraid it is a twin peak copy rather than 1:1 backup, which means it will not work in some drivers(pioneer dvd-writer for me)

I never used twin peak, my copy are made with BlindWrite. They work best with dvd/cd-rom and not so good with burners (especially SafeDisk 4+, witch are made with Alcohol), but they still work as original.

AFAIK blindwrite enables twinpeak method AUTOMATICALLY in any burner other than Plextor Premium, you can try burn your copy in a liteon cd-writer and the result will just be like the one made with 716.
Previous securom copies(mainly securom 4) made by premium will work in any cd-rom drives(including all writers) however Securom 7+ can only be played in pioneer dvd-writer(opposite to twinpeak method witch does not work in pioneer dvd-writer but dvd-rom), strange.

I thought that the only way to use twinpeak is whit BW tweaker, I didn’t know blindwrite enables twinpeak automatically.
If my backup work for me, that’s all I care. I just don’t want to use my original all the time I play a game (bad experience).