1:1 Image Creation... Point me in right direction please



I want to be able to make perfect images and/or copies of any CD or DVD, movie or music or data. I was using Nero to create images until I ran across some that would not work. I would prefer freeware, but am willing to buy software. I would also prefer a non-proprietary image file format (not .nrg, .ccd, etc; rather something like .iso). If being able to create and/or burn these images is more complicated than just clicking a button, please inform me or point me to a comprehensive tutorial. Any information is helpful. Thanks much.


Hi adsmith82 and welcome to CDF. I was going to recommend Nero (at least for some of your goals) but you clearly know what you don’t want.

Let me quote our newest moderator (TimC) who recommended the following:

Audio CDs - Burrrn
Data CD/DVD - CDBurnerXP Pro
Images , Movies & Data - ImgBurn

All free & very good.


Audio CD’s - Exact Audio Copy. Has a feature for CD -> CD copy if I remember correctly.
Data - Nero is one of the better ones around. Does many different things.
Movies - DVD DDecrypter + RipIt4Me -> ImgBurn
Games - Alcohol, BlindWrite, DiscDump, FireBurner + a few others.


just curious… Why does each type of disc need different software to make images? Is there software that just reads every binary bit, no matter what type of disc, and creates an image? It’s not the idea of installing all the software that bothers me… but rather it seems to me like these programs each have their own set of “tricks” to make the copy work. Is there more of a purist solution to copying discs? (not sure if I communicated my concern clearly; hopefully you know what i mean)


Go Linux and copy it via the command line. This way you can find applications that will do a 1 to 1 copy with no interpretation.
There are several options, all under GPL license (so at no cost), that you can try to find searching via www.google/linux
This will be as purist as you can find…besides not the most practical way for a lot of people used to graphic interface programs.


I will search for what I can… I have a bit of experience with Linux, but I often need a lot of help from the experts to accomplish what I am trying to do. Do you have any more information on 1:1 copying without “interpretation”? Links or anything?