1:1 from DVD9 to DVDR

I’d like to make a perfect 1:1 copy of a DVD9 on which only about 4GB are used, meaning that it’ll fit a regular DVDR without the need for compression.

Could you please advise me about the best way and software to do this ?

are you saying that you want to discard unwanted extras to make it fit onto a single dvd? or that you want to split the dvd9 over two dvd5s?

I’m saying neither… sorry if I wasn’t clear enough.

I meant that the original DVD9 only has about 4GB of data on it anyway.

If there’s only about 4 gig of data, then just read with Decrypter in iso mode and burn to a standard-sized blank with Decrypter (or other iso burning program of your choice).

Thanks, that’s probably the answer I needed. :slight_smile:

I’m new to all this for now, basically just trying to figure out what’s the best, easiest and quickest way to backup those 4GB out of a DVD9 into a 4.7GB DVDR with byte by byte perfect quality, without any compression or recoding or anything like that.

I suppose the menus and everything else will work as in the original with Decrypter + ISO by the way ?

yes it copies all that is on the original dvd


I just burned my backup using the above method and everything seems fine. I was worrying about read compatibility and I did use a cheap disc but both my burner and DVD-ROM as well as the standalone player recognize the backup and seem able to play it just fine. It was rather fast and simple to do it, too. :smiley:

Is there anything I should know about disc durability ? Probably no one knows for sure since this stuff hasn’t been around for that long but are there any considerations you think are realistically important when thinking about long term backups ? I’d hate having my backup discs deteriorate and become useless in a few years time.

And yes, I am reading the media forum as I type this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again.

if it only has 4gb of data on it, it’s not a DVD9. :wink: that’s where my confusion came in. your media concerns would definitely be better answered in the media forum.

Yeah it may sound as strange to you as it does to me, but you wouldn’t imagine how many DVD9’s with less than 4.7GB of actual data I’ve seen… so why use DVD9 for those, one would ask ? I guess that production costs aren’t that much different nowadays between a DVD5 and a DVD9 for big companies… or it’s just another of those mysteries from the strange world of dvd publishing. :bigsmile:

you’re sure it’s a DVD9? you’ve used software to verify that it has two layers?

It’s not just one specific title… I have seen several like that and have a few myself. It’s not that much of a big deal, except if you stop to think about things such as why not taking advantage of the extra space to provide a higher bitrate or why not cutting down on production costs by using DVD5’s. Maybe the publisher had their reasons such as a general agreement with a replication company which made using DVD9’s cost effective, or maybe someone just didn’t have a clue about what they were doing. Who knows.

If you put DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode, the information window on the right shows both the number of layers & the size in bytes (amongst other details). Perhaps you could take a screenshot of one of these DVD-9 discs with < 4.37Gb for our viewing pleasure?

Yep, the only DVD9 discs I know with less than 4.377GB worth of data are XBOX game titles.

So, is it possible to use DVDDecrypter to make 1:1 copies of encrypted movie discs using a DL drive? I have the nd-3520A and would like to do this if possible. I just haven’t seen anyone here talking about 1:1 copying, at least I can’t find any threads.

yes, just use dvd decrypter’s iso read mode followed by its iso write mode.

Ok, thx. I’ll check it out. :iagree:

Yes it’s possible.

Just remember that DL discs are about 10 times the price of normal ones!

and you need a dl disk of course

Yeah, and the only manufacturer of DL discs seems to be Vertabim and one other obscure company. They run about $25 for a 3 pack. Not too shabby. Of course it’s a lot more difficult dealing with losing an $8 disc than it is losing a 35 cent one.

hey poly, welcome to CDF bud!!! :slight_smile:

if you don’t want to spend on DL blanks to make 1:1 copies…you can also try DVDFab (freeware version) to split to 2 single layer discs WITHOUT transcoding/compression.